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From BIM to Marketing: PART 1 – Introduction

Marketing Transformation is occurring in every sector and it continues to gain…
Avatar Akio Moriwaki

Marketing Transformation is occurring in every sector and it continues to gain momentum in the domain of Architecture, Engineering, and Construction. Today’s end user has the ability to be closer than ever to understanding the true essence of a final product in a fraction of the time than in the past.

In the industry there are numerous stakeholders involved in the process and the overall timeframe from ideation to completion can be decades, not even years or mere months, especially for complex, large-scale infrastructure or city development projects. That is why it is crucial that all stakeholders have the ability to see, feel, experience a project in the most realistic ways possible. This can extend into approvals much wider than a building or complex but up to a city, state, or national level. This can involve not only the governing body but the public as well. Therefore, the accurate representation of a project is so crucial. The marketing life-cycle of a given project continues throughout the initial design, design development, and construction process.

For many projects, long gone are the days of sifting through hundreds of 2D drawing sheets to understand what a project consists of. And now it is time to leverage the 3D data that has been created for a design, construction, or manufacturing model to marketing. Today, the competition is growing and owners, architects, and contractors need new ways to differentiate themselves from the competition. The marketer needs to be creative about the way they make this differentiation while, simultaneously, optimizing their resources and achieving a stronger connection to their clients.

The need to explain and promote a project is present during the design phase when the Design-Builder presents the project to its client. But he is also present for the project’s owner who must explain and promote his project to potential future users. With real-time rendering for high-end visualization, virtual reality environments, POS configurators, consumers can experience life-like spaces designed for months, years, or decades away, today.

This is the start of a series that will be published in this community on a monthly basis throughout the year. We will explain in details how the 3DEXCITE applications on the 3DEXPERIENCE? platform can create marketing assets, such as:

  • static high quality images
  • high quality videos
  • Immersive interactive experiences

Which can greatly support you to:

  • develop stunning and accurate marketing collateral
  • create stronger proposals
  • prepare graphics for presentations
  • develop and maintain marketing plans
  • develop and maintain trade show experiences
  • visualize designs in immersive environments
  • customize spaces and building elements
  • create Point of Sales configurators for building elements
  • embed building products in context of building spaces
  • embed project in accurate geolocation positioning

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Original Source By Susan CONSTANTINE in 3DEXCITE User Community, Dassault Systèmes

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