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FLOVEA: A success in interface standardization for generative plumbing solutions

Avatar Akio Moriwaki

Plumbing remains a traditional domain. FLOVEA is very attached to its craftsmanship expertise and its value. At the same time, the company was born with a strong will to provide plumbing with the benefits of scientific and technological advances. FLOVEA has invested much in designing new solutions based on basic research and engineering. It aims to develop and produce concrete solutions to facilitate the daily life of plumbers and their clients and partners.

FLOVEA performs a constant technological watch on its core of business and is committed to creating innovative technologies through partnerships with research centers and laboratories. As part of a research partnership, FLOVEA has committed with NOBATEK which is an important research laboratory based in Bordeaux (Gironde). It mainly focuses on nondestructive testing, process engineering,  civil engineering and energy.

The sanitary plumbing and heating solution of FLOVEA is a real time saver on site and a guarantee of homogeneous and leak-free installation. In the assembly of a boiler, it could be easily assembled and installed on the site with fixing tools as the structure was pre-engineered, pre-soldered, pre-tightened, pre-tested and ready to be mounted!

FLOVEA was launched to solve founder Thierry Mignot’s challenge in finding skilled plumbers to work in the field. Instead, Thierry Mignot turned to manufacturing boiler backsplashes and other plumbing elements. The product is light, easy to ship and assemble. And because the boiler offers an easy interface between the plumbing and heating system, it reduces the need of skilled laborers.

FLOVEA is now looking for new style of the building products manufacturers, as called a virtual maker.

This article is excerpted from THE PRODUCTIZATION EFFECT: How integration-ready modules will transform the roles of general contractors, specialty contractors and the entire construction value chain. This white paper maps the path to productization and defines how general contractors, specialty contractors and the entire construction value chain can leverage virtual twins on an end-to-end collaboration platform, transcend the limitations of classic industrialization and leapfrog to personalized construction.

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