Architecture Engineering & ConstructionOctober 6, 2021

Dassault Systèmes: empowering innovation all around you

How present is Dassault Systèmes in your life?  Probably a lot more…
Avatar Alyssa Ross

How present is Dassault Systèmes in your life? 

Probably a lot more than you think! To showcase the breadth of our impact on empowering innovation in nearly everything around us, earlier this year we created a video called Dassault Systèmes in People’s Lives.

Since then, our team has been busy producing a follow-up set of videos that show exactly how Dassault Systèmes helps people and companies innovate in three economic sectors: Manufacturing Industries, Life Sciences & Healthcare and Infrastructure & Territories.

These videos communicate the essence of what Dassault Systèmes is about: helping people and business imagine sustainable innovations that harmonize product, nature and life.

Watch and enjoy!

MANUFACTURING INDUSTRIES: From making the car you drive safer by design, to smartly delivering your packages, Dassault Systèmes provides the solutions that enable innovation.

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