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BIM World 2018

This article was originally posted on Dassault Systèmes’ French blog by Aurelien…
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This article was originally posted on Dassault Systèmes’ French blog by Aurelien Gohier. 

BIM World 2018, a leading event in the AEC industry, was held in Paris March 28th and 29th. Dassault Systèmes’ took advantage of this opportunity to interact with AEC experts to discover the impact of digital transformation on this industry.

The event demonstrated the very strong dynamics of BIM and digital transformation in the AEC sector.

This 2018 event was held during an exciting time for us, as it followed the announcement of a major collaboration with Bouygues Construction. They are  partnering with Dassault Systèmes and Accenture to accelerate the digital transformation of its project activities.

Event attendees were able to come to our booth where they could:

  • Be immersed in the heart of a Smart City.
  • Discover a paradigm that is currently revolutionizing the world of AEC: Future Testing.
  • Experiment with our Design for Fabrication solution, which allows for modeling the entire design and construction processes in a collaborative environment.
  • Meet with our partner BEAM³ as well as our customer Quartus, two companies with future-oriented approaches in AEC, changing the game in the fields of design, engineering and management of real estate developments.

One question was at the heart of the conference: “How does a digital transformation agenda in AECDassault Systèmes’ involvement in the heart of the AEC industry Industry go far beyond the notion of BIM and digital mockup?”

Four industry experts shared their vision and answers to this question in front of camera

  • Christophe Moreau, Head of Business Modernization Project at Bouygues Construction
  • Frank Hovorka, Head of Strategy at Quartus
  • Thierry Albert, Managing CEO at BEAM³
  • Jonathan Riondet, AEC Industry Solution, Technical Senior Director, Dassault Systèmes.

Christophe Moreau, Bouygues Construction: “BIM is data of the construction works and components of the asset with their properties. We do projects and manage life of our projects from many aspects: real estate developments, design, construction. It represents a lot of data about information including customer requirements, schedule dates, actors, events, elements of knowledge sharing, etc. We want to gather these information to be able to use it and through interesting uses to make our company globally and our projects individually more efficient.”

Frank Hovorka, Quartus: “The goal of the digital mockup and digital tools delivered through this interoperability platform [the 3DEXPERIENCE platform], being the ability to guarantee the performance to have a traceability, and to master and control the level and relevance of information, which is transmitted from the manufacturer who manufactures a component to the user of a building who will have to maintain, operate it and have the right information at the right time, which will be the guarantee of the performance.”

Thierry Albert, BEAM³: “Digital transformation goes far beyond the notion of BIM and digital mockup since it is above all a way to simplify life of people working on building projects. It simplify data exchange, allowing everyone to work in synchronized way, whatever the membership of a company, a design office, an architectural firm, when working on a building project.”

Jonathan Riondet, Dassault Systèmes: “Today BIM and digital mockups mainly concern design and production phases. Evolution of this digital model has to go further. Revenues come mainly from building operations. So how to adapt BIM of design-construction to other phases that enable to operate buildings during its much wider life cycle.”

To learn more about Dassault Systèmes’ involvement in the heart of the AEC industry ecosystem and the power of the 3DEXPERIENCE platform in this context, consult the section dedicated to this industry on our website to go beyond the notion of BIM.

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