Architecture Engineering & ConstructionMarch 3, 2023

Balancing quality and cost in new buildings

UK architectural firm KREOD found a way to speed up construction and reduce material and building costs. How? By automating design, prefabrication and construction using the 3DEXPERIENCE platform on Cloud and KREOD’s next-generation building automation solutions.
Avatar Rebecca Lambert

Cost and time. They’re two of the biggest factors to consider when planning any new construction project, and they’re also the most likely to overrun. From design errors and inaccurate estimates to supply chain issues and poor site management – developers and contractors face all manner of challenges when it comes to staying within their budgets and getting construction projects completed. So, what if we told you that there are new, better, ways of managing construction projects that can virtually eliminate all guesswork and unexpected costs from the process?

Industry experts like award-winning London-based architect Chun Qing Li are making this possible. Li believes that advanced digital technology and automation hold the answer to creating a more productive and sustainable industry, where accurate estimates, on-time delivery and high-quality construction become the norm. That’s why he founded KREOD, a group of companies in the UK covering architectural design, innovation, technology and construction.

Taking inspiration from the progress made in the automotive and aerospace industries, KREOD is on a mission to overhaul decades-old design, engineering and construction methods. With KREOD-developed digital architecture solutions on top of the 3DEXPERIENCE platform on Cloud, engineers can decrease the associated prohibitive cost barriers while using sustainable building methods and materials. In just a few clicks, users can obtain all the data they need from their building design to plan and price an entire project.

“With all information embedded into the 3D model of the building, you can automatically generate manufacturing/fabrication code and the bill of materials for transparent and accurate costing right at the concept design stage,” Li said.

Li’s broader vision is to use virtual twins to bring together all stakeholders in the AEC supply chain, helping them to solve design challenges collaboratively and construct the highest quality buildings in the most productive way.

“The best designs and results come from an integrated and highly collaborative approach through a construction virtual twin spanning conception to completion,” Li said. “By handling all design, engineering and construction tasks within a single digital environment on the 3DEXPERIENCE platform, each discipline works in context of the entire project.”

Read the full story to discover more about how KREOD uses the 3DEXPERIENCE platform on Cloud to simplify the building design process and automatically generate all the data needed for transparent and accurate costing.

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