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8 ways virtual twins can lead to more sustainable construction

The following article is excerpted from “The Virtual Twin Experience for Smart…
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The following article is excerpted from “The Virtual Twin Experience for Smart And More Sustainable Construction” a whitepaper developed by Dassault Systèmes. To read more about virtual twin in construction industry, download the white paper here.

By leveraging the virtual world to extend and improve the real world, the Virtual Twin Experience provides capabilities for construction companies to model, collaborate and optimize processes and operations so that they can perform flawlessly. Here are eight ways virtual twins can lead to more sustainable construction.

1. Building Information Modeling (BIM)

Create a detailed 3D model of your project in the virtual world which is accessible on the cloud to all key stakeholders for easy collaboration from the start.

  • Single source of information; no more confusion from having different versions of the BIM
  • Early collaboration with stakeholders means quicker decision making
  • Improve productivity while reducing waste, risk and cost

2. Modular Construction: 5D Simulation

As 3D printing becomes more widely used in construction, you can design and customize complex parts for 3D printing in the virtual environment.

  • Simplify the process of designing 3D-printed parts through the virtual environment
  • Save time and money compared to conventional construction methods
  • Less material waste produced by 3D printing custom parts

3. Autonomous Construction

Plan automated processes and leverage simulation to ensure safe motion for robots and automated guided vehicles as well as optimize productivity.

  • Fully automate activities such as welding, cutting, material handling, packing and dispensing
  • Repetitive tasks can be completed more efficiently and with greater precision and quality
  • Eliminate human error and consistency; free up human labor for more important tasks


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