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Transforming flight training with efficiency and fun

Trainees and their instructors spend hundreds of hours in the cockpit earning…
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Trainees and their instructors spend hundreds of hours in the cockpit earning their pilot license. Training usually takes place in older models of light, two-seater aircraft with analog controls – machines that tend to be costly to run and maintain. But there is a more affordable, and fun, alternative.

Developed by Cruiser Aircraft, owned by Czech Aircraft Group, the PS-28 Cruiser aircraft is designed specifically for basic and advanced flight training. Light, intuitive and highly maneuverable, the double-seat, all-metal aircraft is a popular candidate with training organizations across Europe and the US.

“Our planes are some of the most durable and cost effective on the market,” said Vojtech Tuma, deputy CEO at Czech Aircraft Group. “We firmly believe that our aircraft presents the ideal solution for flight training organization and flying clubs.”

Czech Aircraft’s planes have a proven lifetime of 11,000 flight hours, almost double the standard among light sport aircraft today. The plane also boasts one of the most spacious and ergonomic cockpits in the light sport aircraft category, is equipped with modern and sophisticated avionics systems, and is one of the cheapest to fly.

Serving the European and US markets, Czech Aircraft must comply with international aviation regulations and manages all certifications in house. To handle these requirements, the company decided to move to an industry-specific platform to manage all its product development processes in one place.

“We wanted to unify our design processes and gain accurate control of long-term projects,” Tuma said. “And we found the answer in the 3DEXPERIENCE® platform.”

Read the full story here to discover how Czech Aircraft is benefiting from standardized workflows and a single data environment to easily comply with industry safety regulations and respond to customer requests throughout the product development process.

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