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How To Harness The Power Of Model-Based Engineering

What if engineers from all disciplines could work together on a multi-disciplinary…
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What if engineers from all disciplines could work together on a multi-disciplinary virtual prototype to simulate exactly how a product works before ever building or manufacturing a physical prototype? This full digitization of the product development process is possible with the 3DEXPERIENCE platform where teams can collaborate in ways that simply were not possible before, streamlining the process of innovation and speeding time to market. With the capabilities of model-based engineering, the team receives real-time information on designs and specifications that can accelerate the testing process for new-to-market products in a virtual environment.

The 3DEXPERIENCE platform allows teams to move beyond file-based transfers and the pitfalls of format conversion where you can potentially lose critical information in the process of trying to exchange data. Having 360-degree visibility of the entire development process and environment allows for improved productivity, accuracy and quality. This is a key benefit of using a common infrastructure in the platform; a reduction in non-value added activities that detract from the bottom line of the business.

At the most recent 3DEXPERIENCE Forum in Las Vegas, contributor, Louis Columbus had the chance to talk to Dassault Systèmes Ramesh Haldorai about the benefits of a Model-Based Engineering approach and the power of the digital twin.

Haldorai shared, “imagine that all these multi-discipline engineers from mechanical, electrical, software and control, are now able to create the virtual model. They’re able to see what they are doing and how everyone is working together in real-time, collaborating on the same version of the truth. Together teams are able to build a virtual product, simulate and test, before building the physical product. Prior to the adoption of model-based capabilities, teams were depending on physical products or physical prototypes in order to see how the product worked, or even if it would potentially fail. With the 3DEXPERIENCE platform, we don’t only see how the product fits in and how it looks, most importantly, you are able to see how the product works before final manufacturing and delivery.”

Watch the interview from the 3DEXPERIENCE FORUM and listen to Ramesh Haldorai explain the benefits of model-based engineering and the power of the digital twin working with the 3DEXPERIENCE platform.

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