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Smart data power passengers’ airport experiences

Over 47 million US air travelers braved the skies and airports during…
Avatar Terrence Drula

Over 47 million US air travelers braved the skies and airports during the 2019 Christmas–New Year’s travel season just past. When you’re part of the throng running between gates, looking for something to eat or trying to find a place just to sit down, the question comes to mind – “Is there a better way?”

Dassault Systemes’ Compass magazine looked at how modern airports are using digitalization and smart data to seamlessly exchange passenger and operational information to simplify and enhance the travel experience.

Forward-looking facilities like Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International (the world’s busiest airport) and Copenhagen Airport (the busiest international airport in Scandinavia) are using digital technologies to streamline end-to-end travel.

Dassault Systèmes’ Airport Experience is an integrated 3DEXPERIENCE® platform solution that synchronizes information in a single source of truth, provides a holistic view and builds a structured, data-driven virtual facility referential to align processes and resources.

By modeling and connecting data, new smart airports can anticipate travelers’ needs. Pervasive digital connections with air travelers enable airports to establish continuous, real-time communication and services. At CES 2020, Delta Airlines previewed “parallel reality” displays–airport signage developed by startup Misapplied Sciences with Delta’s backing–that with the opt-in service would show from 10 to thousands of people personalized information from the same screen simultaneously.

Some airports have become living laboratories, letting passengers use their mobile devices to shop online, have food delivered to their departure gate and order ride-hailing services when they arrive, which someday could include air taxis.

Check out the story about the rapidly transforming air travel evolution in the latest issue of Dassault Systèmes’ Compass magazine.

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