Aerospace & defenseDecember 6, 2019

Eviation’s Zero Emission Electric Planes Aim to Eliminate Travel Frustrations

The original story written by Lindsay James appears in our latest issue…
Avatar Meaghan Murphy

The original story written by Lindsay James appears in our latest issue of Compass.

What if you could travel to distant locations in a more sustainable way and avoid traffic congestion on the roadways? Reduce your carbon footprint and get there faster. This is the vision of Israel-based Eviation Aircraft, which introduced the first all-electric 9-seat aircraft, called the Alice Commuter at the 2019 Paris Air Show. According to Omer Bar-Yohay, CEO and co-founder,

“We’re in the middle of an information technology revolution. We can move information anytime and anywhere from the palm of our hands. We need to start moving people and goods as easily as technology allows us to. Once we can do this, then the planet becomes a better, cleaner and more efficient place.”

Omer Bar-Yohay, CEO

Eviation’s latest aircraft in development is powered by a rechargeable 900-kilowatt-hour battery and capable of traveling 650 miles, and has the potential to transform regional transportation models.

“We want people to live where they want to live and work where it makes sense to work,” stated Bar-Yohay.

What if we changed the existing model of commuting and minimized associated problems of fossil fuels? This transformation is made possible by Dassault Systèmes 3DEXPERIENCE platform, which enables collaborative cloud-based design, simulation, and advanced manufacturing capabilities for start-ups to global enterprises, allowing new players like Eviation to move quickly and change the way we travel.

Read the full story here: Eviation’s zero-emission electric planes aim to eliminate travel frustrations

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