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Navigate the Future’s Top 10 Stories of 2019

As 2020 kicks off and we enter a new decade poised to…
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As 2020 kicks off and we enter a new decade poised to be full of immense technological innovation and exciting developments, Dassault Systèmes looks forward to continuing to break boundaries while enabling our customers to reimagine their business, deliver rapid innovation, sustainable products, and economic value with the 3DEXPERIENCE platform.

Make sure to follow us this week on Twitter at @3DSNorthAmerica during CES (January 7-10 in Las Vegas) to learn more about how we are helping to shape the future. But as we look ahead, we wanted to share the 10 most popular Navigate the Future blog posts of the 2019, as a bellwether of top trends to watch. Our blog stories focus on the disruptive technologies and industry trends that are driving growth for our customers across multiple industries.  Enjoy reading.

1. Manufacturing Planning Enters a New Generation With AI, Machine Learning and Simulation

Planning systems have come a long way since the introduction of the first APS (Advanced Planning Systems) in the 1990s. Learn what the 21st century holds as the next generation of systems incorporates artificial intelligence that can learn with experience. The planner is able to simulate what is likely to happen based on the model it has created; the result is that companies can quote more accurate completion dates to customers and meet those deadlines with better efficiency – all through the power of machine learning and artificial intelligence.

2.The Digital Twin:  Five Things You Need to Know

The Digital Twin continues to play a key role in the digitized world of manufacturing by offering manufacturers pre-production simulation and valuable insights into all manufacturing disciplines from machine maintenance and operations to production planning and field support for equipment – therefore enabling them to reduce production errors and time to market.

3. The Next Billion Cars – How Close Are We To Self-Driving?

Autonomous vehicles are one technology that is disrupting the automotive industry along with innovations in electric vehicles. The next hurdle in this arena is the sensors and software needed to move this technology into the mainstream.

4.The Four Most Important Technologies for Future Cars

Dive into the cars of tomorrow and take a look at the emerging megatrends in the automotive market. Everything is about to change with the car you use, as the trends of Zero-Emissions Vehicles, Autonomous Vehicles, Shared Mobility, and The Internet of Things take shape. This affects who is building our cars, how they are powered, who owns them and even who drives them.

5.Airbus Partners with Dassault Systèmes for a Digital Transformation

Major players along with start-ups are realizing the importance of migrating design, operations and equipment testing functions to a digital collaborative platform for increased visibility and efficiency. The 3DEXPERIENCE platform enables digital design, transparent manufacturing and opens the door to breakthroughs in product design, operating performance, support and maintenance, customer satisfaction, and new business models.

6.How Hypersonics Will Change Aerospace

Hypersonic flight refers to speeds generally exceeding Mach 5 or about 3800 miles per hour. The United States, the original pioneer in the field, has had to step up its research and development now that countries like China and Russia have pursued hypersonic programs of their own. The benefit to society is that technological developments made for the use of government and military often make their way into the commercial world. Hypersonic flights for civilians could be here sooner than you think, and they have the potential to completely change the way that people live, work, and travel.

7.3D Printing in Life Sciences and Beyond

The future of medicine is exciting when we consider the power of 3D printing technology. Discover the wide array of medical applications for 3D printing with everything from prosthetics to printing tissue, bones and organs. The precision, speed and cost-effectiveness of 3D printing ushers a new era of personalized patient care.

8.The Rise of Digital Therapeutics

There is an entire category of medical therapy interventions that are driven by software and have the potential to extend traditional pharmaceuticals or in some cases may even replace traditional pharmaceuticals. Digital Therapeutics (DTx) are becoming a new category of medicine, poised to address chronic and other hard to treat conditions.

9.Digital Transformation: Embracing Business Anthropology to Compete in the Experience Economy

Read about the digital transformation the workforce is undergoing and the challenges being faced in the experience economy. To address this – business anthropology adopts the immersive observational and interviewing techniques of traditional anthropology to discover what people are actually doing, thinking, and what they really need. Only through in-depth knowledge of human behavior in the private sector can organizations strive toward the digital transformation and special customer experience necessary for successful products and services.

10.The Future of Digital Manufacturing: Three Key Components – Connect, Collect, Correct

Take a look at the current state of digital manufacturing and the methodology that lets it operate. Simply put, it comes down to connecting assets, collecting data, and correcting settings. It’s an enormous transformation, from legacy, non-digitized production operations into digitally-driven systems with advanced analytics, augmented reality and digital assistants for operators. With technology advancement challenges in digital manufacturing too complex for any single organization to handle, larger-scale collaboration is essential. An example is DMDII (the Digital Manufacturing and Design Innovation Institute) a part of Manufacturing USA, which unites universities, industry, startups, and government to work on the problems posed together.

The future is bright as we enter 2020, continue to subscribe and follow our Navigate the Future blog for all the latest updates on Dassault Systèmes.

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