Aerospace & defenseNovember 29, 2019

Making a Difference…by reimagining regional transportation

I’m just very much in love with the idea of solving challenges…
Avatar Alyssa Ross

I’m just very much in love with the idea of solving challenges – especially that of our global transportation system, which is fundamentally broken. Omer Bar-Yohay

Air travelers today must accommodate their schedules around what is set by the carriers; and even then, they need to rely on other methods of transportation to get to their final destination. High speed rail riders can only go from megacity to megacity. And cars everywhere are constantly stuck in traffic. All of this wastes precious resources, including money and time. Israel’s Omer Bar-Yohay imagines a future where a 200 mile journey is as quick, easy and affordable as a local commute, and he co-founded Eviation Aircraft to help bring that vision to reality.

One of Bar-Yohay’s ideas: allow travelers to summon small electric airplanes on demand, in the same way they call for a taxi today.

The first step to achieving this mission is The Alice Commuter, Eviation’s first zero-emission, all-electric plane. It made its debut in June at the 53rd Paris Air Show and was recently named one of Time’s Best Inventions of 2019. The nine-seat passenger airplane is scheduled to make its first commercial flights in 2022.

The Alice was built from the ground up to be an electric aircraft, with a combination of a systemic improvements that has enabled ground-breaking performance while also being economically viable.

Bar-Yohay is the latest visionary to be featured in our Making a Difference series. Watch him in the video below to discover more about his plans to improve consumers’ travel experiences. Then read his profile in Compass where you’ll learn about more of the ideas behind The Alice as well as his other plans to revolutionize how people get, more efficiently and directly, from point A to B – and how the cloud-based 3DEXPERIENCE platform is helping him bring his dreams to reality.

“We want people to live where they want to live and work where it makes sense to work,” Bar-Yohay said. “We need to start moving people and goods as easily as technology allows us to. Once we can do this, then the planet becomes a better, cleaner and more efficient place.”

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