Aerospace & defenseNovember 11, 2022

Drive and Fly eVTOL transforms city commute

With ASKA’s new eVTOL vehicle concept, you can drive on the road like a car and take off vertically to fly in the air like an aircraft.
Avatar Rebecca Lambert

With ASKA’s new vehicle concept, the world’s first viable Drive & Fly eVTOL, you can drive on the road like a car and take off vertically to fly in the air like an aircraft. It promises to revolutionize the way people travel door to door.

If you live and work in a major city, then you know how expensive it is to rent or own a property in an urban area. In the San Francisco Bay Area, home to ASKA’s founders, the average house price is US $1.3 million, putting home ownership beyond the realms of possibility for many. The limited housing market is pushing up property prices and new residents are competing with locals for housing. Corporations find it challenging to retain employees, particularly those with families, because of high housing costs.

So where should everyone live? ASKA believes that its flying car concept, a Drive & Fly electric vertical take-off and landing (eVTOL) vehicle, offers a solution.

“Imagine if we can provide you a vehicle that you can move and live in the suburbs but get access to the city within 20-30 minutes, where cost of living would be low, quality of life would be high,” said Guy Kaplinsky, co-founder and CEO of ASKA.

The size of a large SUV, ASKA’s innovative hybrid eVTOL is designed to deliver an uninterrupted drive and fly experience, driving safely on the ground and flying efficiently in the air, making it possible for professionals and families to live further out from cities and easily travel longer distances in a short space of time. The startup hopes its invention will set the foundations for a new era of transportation over the next 100 years.

ASKA has successfully created a full-scale working prototype, a real-life flying car, and it used the Reinvent the Sky industry solution experience on the 3DEXPERIENCE Cloud platform to design and engineer it.

Read the full story to find out more about how ASKA is bringing its unique eVTOL vehicle to life using the 3DEXPERIENCE Cloud platform?

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