Aerospace & defenseJanuary 31, 2018

Going up in the air with the 3DEXPERIENCE platform

Many people dream about flying planes. By founding BRM AERO, Milan Bristela…
Avatar Alyssa Ross

Many people dream about flying planes. By founding BRM AERO, Milan Bristela enables many people achieve this dream. Since 2009, this Czech-based company develops, manufactures and sells ultra-light and light sport planes. The family business focuses on tailor-made airplanes that combine safety, ergonomics and elegant curves.

Like in many industries, customers often shop around before making a purchase decision, seeking a great flying experience in an aesthetic, sophisticated, safe and easy-to-fly plane.  Still others want to customize their product even after making a decision. To out-distance the competition and to better respond to customer desires, BRM AERO wanted the means to adapt designs in real time and to show customers, in a digital environment, what their final plane will look like. Adopting the 3DEXPERIENCE® platform and the Engineered to Fly industry solution experience on the cloud allows for exactly that. Further, it helps BRM Aero to develop sophisticated parts down to the tiniest detail while accelerating design and manufacturing time.

BRM AERO particularly values the sheet metal capabilities of Engineered to Fly. By using the solution’s Sheet Metal Engineering feature, engineers can digitally model and simulate the folding and unfolding of complex curved sheet metal part surfaces and verify for manufacturing feasibility. This allows to manufacture right the first time with a minimum of material waste.

Another aspect especially important in the aviation industry is product lifecycle management. Aircraft parts need to be traced and maintained throughout their entire lifecycle. With Engineered to Fly, parts can be tracked through versioning and transfer information such as part numbers, materials and costs while making sure documentation is correctly managed.

As a small company, BRM AERO benefits from superior design technologies using Dassault Systèmes solutions on the cloud.  They have top-notch software to meet the needs of their customers and are confident their data is secure and that knowledge remains within the company regardless of staff changes. In addition, the ability to pay a monthly fee instead of investing in a full license is a great advantage.

Visit here or watch the video below to discover the full story, as well as how BRM AERO plans on using the 3DEXPERIENCE platform not only for their small two-seater airplanes, but also for bigger projects in the years to come.

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