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Women in Engineering: Katha Sheth

SIMULIA is proud to work with a variety of women in the…
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SIMULIA is proud to work with a variety of women in the engineering field, both as employees and clients. Our new Women in Engineering series will highlight some of these outstanding contributors to the field of simulation. Today we are proud to introduce Katha Sheth, a SIMULIA 3DEXPERIENCE Edu Sales Expert, who leads sales and business development activities for SIMULIA and 3DEXPERIENCE products at universities in North America.

What is your title and what are you responsible for/work on at SIMULIA?

My title is 3DEXPERIENCE Edu SIMULIA Sales Expert Senior Specialist. If I had to describe my role in a single sentence, I would say, we are sowing the seeds for the workforce of the future and helping create young DS simulation ambassadors who would enter the workforce and work on developing innovative products.

For a longer description of my role, I am responsible for managing and leading sales and business development activities for SIMULIA and 3DEXPERIENCE products for universities, including engineering departments all across North America, along with my awesome team.

As part of the role, our team identifies and develops strategic partnerships with engineering departments in North American universities to advance simulation education, curriculum development, and the workforce of future development.

Building our presence within the academic community, creating excitement related to the simulation market in academia, and encouraging participation in STEM activities among students in schools is also part of what we do.

What makes you excited to get up and come to work every day?

The technology, the people, and being able to help young students as well as to enable faculty to pursue greater things for the world with our tools.

When did you decide that you wanted to become an engineer and why?

I grew up in a household where my dad and uncle are both engineers, and as a kid, I always visited their joint manufacturing company and thought engineering was my only natural path.

What are some of the biggest challenges or successes you have had as an engineer and particularly as a woman in engineering?

I still come across biases and different mindsets towards being a woman in engineering, but with a holistic approach, the right training, and asking the right questions, I can overcome them and achieve what I have set out to do.

What drives and inspires you? Maybe you can tell us about your favorite ah-ha moment?

When people step out of their comfort zones and take up challenges and work towards them without any expectations, it really inspires me.

Life’s different phases have different ah-ha moments. Being a working mom, in this phase of parenting, continuing to do things that motivate and inspire us each day and being aware that sometimes we have to take 4 steps backward to take 1 big step forward, but consistently working at it, eventually creates a magical journey.

If you were not an engineer, what would you be?

Probably an artist of some sort.

What is the most interesting thing about you that is not on your resume? 

I love dancing and playing ultimate frisbee.

What is your favorite hobby?

Times have changed now with a toddler and so have my hobbies; spending quality time building/creating something with my daughter is my favorite hobby at the moment.

How do you spend time outside of work?

Travel, workout/yoga, and spending quality time with friends and family.

Please tell us how you feel about the importance of STEM/STEAM education and outreach, especially with young girls.

Hands-on STEM/STEAM activities and good/positive interactions with young girls is the best way to get them interested and curious. I continue to volunteer my time towards helping spread the importance of STEM/STEAM education.

What is your favorite quote?

Every moment in life is a unique moment and comes with infinite possibilities. So never give up.

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