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Women in Engineering: Katerina Galitskaya

SIMULIA is proud to work with a variety of women in the…
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SIMULIA is proud to work with a variety of women in the engineering field, both as employees and clients. Our Women in Engineering series highlights some of these outstanding contributors to the field of simulation. Today we are excited to introduce Katerina Galitskaya, a Senior Antenna Engineer at Radientum in Finland and a 2022 SIMULIA Champion.

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What is your title and what are you responsible for/work on at Radientum?

I am a Senior Antenna Engineer at Radientum. My work consists of concepting, designing, and verifying antennas for our customers. I use CST Studio Suite in my everyday work for creating antenna concepts and doing detailed simulations. I have responsibilities as a project manager, which include communication with customers and controlling projects throughout all stages.

What makes you excited to get up and come to work every day?

I get to work with various projects, each is different from another and requires an individual approach. I like challenges and being able to find a solution, even if it is not trivial. My team consists of incredibly talented engineers, who share their experience and are always there if needed.

When did you decide that you wanted to become an engineer and why?

My father is an electrical engineer, so I knew about this profession from early childhood. I think I made a final decision when I was choosing a university to study in. I have always loved mathematics and physics, so engineering seemed like a good fit.

What are some of the biggest challenges or successes you have had as an engineer and particularly as a woman in engineering?

The biggest challenge for me is to believe in myself every day. Be confident enough to stand my ground on some complicated topics. I am proud at the end of every project I have managed to finish successfully and have gotten good feedback both from customers and my team. Recently, I have become a SIMULIA Champion, which makes me very happy and proud. I am thrilled to be an ambassador of such a great and skilled community.

What drives and inspires you? Maybe you can tell us about your favorite ah-ha moment?

The technology and progress inspire me the most. I love to learn about innovations in my area and think about how it makes life better for people. Today we have everything wireless – meaning with antennas inside instead of wire connection. I get to be on the very edge of this fascinating development, working with 5G and RADARs, designing antennas for the Internet of Things and mobile devices.

If you were not an engineer, what would you be?

I’ve always had a longing for writing, so probably I would start writing fiction or become a journalist.

What is the most interesting thing about you that is not on your resume?

I spent almost all my teen years professionally playing water polo.

What is your favorite hobby?

I like sewing and knitting, but also spend time outside. This past winter I fell in love with skiing.

How do you spend time outside of work?

I usually walk a lot, at least 8-9 kilometers per day. Reading has always been one of my favorite ways of spending free time.  Sometimes I like going out and socializing.

Please tell us how you feel about the importance of STEM/STEAM education and outreach, especially with young girls.

It feels like more and more women decide to go into STEAM careers, which I find fantastic. I think there should be no doubts when choosing an engineering education – it is fun, challenging, and rewarding. It opens up unlimited opportunities.

What is your favorite quote?

Maybe not so much of a quote, but a motto – “Think outside the box!”

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