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What’s New: Isight R2021x

In today’s complex product development and manufacturing environment, designers and engineers are…
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In today’s complex product development and manufacturing environment, designers and engineers are using a wide range of software tools to design and simulate their products. Often, chained simulation process flows are required in which the parameters and results from one software package are needed as inputs to another package and the manual process of entering the required data can reduce efficiency, slow product development, and introduce errors in modeling and simulation assumptions.

Isight delivers industry-leading simulation process automation, parametric design space exploration, optimization, reliability assessment and optimization and data analytics. It provides designers, engineers, and researchers with an open system for integrating design and simulation models—created with various CAD, CAE, and other software applications—to automate the execution of hundreds or thousands of simulations.

Isight provides a simulation process automation and design optimization solution that enables users to improve product performance, quality and reliability and reduce analysis time and cost. When used in conjunction with the SIMULIA Execution Engine (SEE), Isight customers have access to a framework for distributing execution of simulation processes across the enterprise to optimize computing resource utilization rates. In addition, the SIMULIA Execution Engine (SEE), enables execution via a web browser to allow democratization of complex simulation processes and collaboration among users.

Recently the 2021x release of Isight was announced, with new developments that include feature enhancements and component updates. Highlights of Isight R2021x include:

  • Isight Enhancements:
    • New ‘Universal Kriging’ Approximation technique
    • New ‘Python DoE’ custom DoE technique
    • Updated NLPQLP Optimization technique
    • Improved ‘Adaptive DoE’ DoE & Optimization techniques
    • New Approximation export functionality
    • Approximation error analysis graphs usability
    • New customization script indicator
  • Component Enhancements:
    • Abaqus component upgrade
      • Support for Abaqus 6.14 – Abaqus 2021
    • CATIA V5 component upgrade
      • Supports CATIA V5 R29, CATIA V5 R30, and CATIA V5 R31

To learn more about the new features, improvements and enhancements offered in Isight 2021x, please attend the upcoming e-seminar Isight R2021x | What’s New, taking place on January 14.

Learn more and register for the upcoming e-seminar Isight R2021x | What’s New on January 14.

The e-seminar will also be available on-demand after the live event has concluded.

Stay tuned as new software releases continue to be rolled out into the new year, and find more Isight resources in the SIMULIA Community.

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