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What’s New in 3DEXPERIENCE R2022x

The 3DEXPERIENCE platform is constantly growing and changing, and in the R2022x…
Avatar Clare Scott

The 3DEXPERIENCE platform is constantly growing and changing, and in the R2022x release, there are plenty of updates and improvements to help users continue to collaborate. Below is just a sampling of the new features:

Users can now create a Whiteboard to allow team members to more easily and visibly contribute to projects. A new Compact View has been added to community feeds, and users also have the capability to sort content with new options: for the Large and Compact Views, the sorting options are creation date or latest activity, and for the Timeline View, the sorting is automatically done on latest activity.

Contributors can now create posts in a community; previously, only Owners and Authors could create content. Dashboards are now Platform Aware, which means that every dashboard is created and managed in one platform. This differs from the 2021 release, which was Platform Agnostic, meaning that there was one single url and the possibility of sharing a dashboard with all users. Widgets from several platforms can still be instantiated on one dashboard.

3DPlay has several updates:

  • Improved ability to share social feedback on PDF Experience
  • Extended zoom
  • New ability to explore engineering objects in relation
  • Annotation Experience enhancements
  • 3DPlay universal player
  • SOLIDWORKS mouse profile

In 3DStory, updates include a new Animations Library, YouTube Integration, and a Free aspect ratio for unlimited playback freedom. The Layout Library enables better productivity and the ability to reuse session layouts. The 3DSpace app is now able to keep the 3D annotations created in PDF documents in 3DPlay embedded viewer in the comments associated with the visualized object. This allows interaction with different users having access to data and annotation.

In Bookmark Editor, a when an object attached to a bookmark is revised, the original revision of the object is retained. The new version of the object does not replace the original revision. A new Sharing tab is available in the Properties widget and Information panel. In this tab, you can:

  • View who the object is shared with
  • Modify the permissions
  • Remove permissions
  • Share the object with additional users, user groups, or collaborative space/organization pairs

The user interface of the Share command has also been updated to let only you share objects with additional users, user groups, or collaborative space/organization pairs.

Administrators can now activate the Primary and Secondary revision format for all Engineering Definition, Engineering Evaluation, and Engineering Resource object types. This format activates a secondary ID that is incremented every time you create a revision of a non-Released object. The primary ID is incremented every time you create a revision of a Released object.

The advanced options of the Duplicate command are now available for 3DEXPERIENCE drawings with CAD master other than CATIA V5. The Reserve and Unreserve Commands have been renamed Lock and Unlock. Issue Management now uses the enhanced data grid to list issues, and issues can be listed in other apps such as Collaborative Lifecycle or Bookmark Editor.

Many other changes have been made to 3DEXPERIENCE in the new release. To learn more, attend the 3DEXPERIENCE R2022x webinar on December 14th.

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