Company NewsDecember 13, 2019

What does 5G mean for your business and life?

At CES 2020—the Consumer Electronics Show that will be held in Las…
Avatar Terrence Drula

At CES 2020—the Consumer Electronics Show that will be held in Las Vegas in January—Dassault Systèmes is looking at data and your personalized experiences. Consumers’ desire for personalization is triggering companies to rethink how to get and use data. Data drives the personalized experiences we want each day.

One of the big technologies at CES this year is 5G. We’re hearing about it, seeing the products and wondering about the promises. The fifth generation cellular network standard promises extremely fast, ultra-reliable connection for real-time communication and interaction. It will support huge numbers of connected devices in small areas and enable new ways of doing business.

Our SIMULIA team recently posted a blog about 5G technology and looked at how and where it will impact our daily lives. Take a look at 5G Evolution and Emerging Applications by Clare Scott and Jonathan Oakley and see how 5G is much more than just convenient Internet – it has the potential to dramatically change the world we live in.

Join Dassault Systèmes at CES 2020 and see what to expect with 5G and how 3DEXPERIENCE virtual worlds let you imagine personalized innovation and deliver sustainable data-driven experiences. Come see us in pavilion #4623 in Tech East.

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