December 21, 2021

Easy to Query, Visualize and Understand: True-LDE Delivers a Linear Dynamics Powerhouse

This blog was written by Tim Hunter, President and Founder of Wolf…
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This blog was written by Tim Hunter, President and Founder of Wolf Star Technologies.

At Wolf Star Technologies we are happy to unveil the latest release of our True-LDE software.  True-LDE leverages the power of Abaqus (and other solvers) linear dynamic solutions (*MODAL DYNAMIC, *STEADY STATE, *RANDOM RESPONSE) into an interactive user environment.  Any desired result is instantly created through the simple GUI.  No resubmission of decks is required!

Even more impressive though, is the intelligent use of the FEA solver technology.  When preparing decks for use with True-LDE, the user simply suppresses all field output for the response step.  This results in substantially smaller output databases and substantially faster solve times.  The table below shows results from a customer example reducing the solve time from 6 hours to 9 minutes.  This allows the analyst to quickly debug boundary condition setup issues and get decision ready engineering data in practically real time.

The user also has instant access to important information such as the percent modal mass.  Even though this information is calculated by the solvers, it often is not in a readily useable form for the user.  The user can easily filter modes passed on percent modal mass, MPF Amplitude or frequency.  The settings stay in effect when calculating response, Operating Deflection Shapes (ODS) and durability analysis.

Another important feature is the ability to include Pre-Load on the linear dynamics response.  Even though the solvers include Pre-Load stress stiffening when calculating the eigenvalue modes, the response analysis does not include the Pre-Load stress effects.  This is a critically important piece of information when calculating response and durability.  The traditional FEA solvers calculate the linear dynamics response in a stress-free state, which does not simulate the actual operating conditions.  In True-LDE, this implemented with a simple check box and selection for the Pre-Load step.  The Pre-Load effects are persistent for all response calculations, ODS, and durability analysis.

Querying the model is super simple as well.  Simply pick the desired nodes / elements, choose a data type and press Okay.

Durability analysis with fe-safe® (or other durability packages) is just a click away.  When selecting this fe-safe® output option, True-LDE automatically creates an ASC, LDF and MACRO file.  Simply run the MACRO file in fe-safe and you are ready to do durability analysis.  All of the settings for mode filtering and Pre-Load are applied!  A single button click versus a half day of model set up for fe-safe®.  This will make durability analysis just another everyday tool in your toolkit.

Converting between Time, Frequency and PSD domains is a simple button click.  The image below shows moving the response analysis from the Time domain to the Frequency domain.  This allows users to query their data in the domain that suites their needs.

Finally, another truly fantastic power of True-LDE is the power of generating an ODS.  It is quite simple and you can zoom on the time domain of interest – or generate a complete ODS of the entire time series.

I hope you have enjoyed this quick introduction to True-LDE.  It is simply a powerful way to leverage the great work you are already doing with Abaqus Linear Dynamics.

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