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The Perfect Package for Your Favorite Brew

The following was originally published in October 2016. Let’s talk about one…
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The following was originally published in October 2016.

Let’s talk about one of the world’s most popular consumer products―beer. Yesterday, I stopped by the liquor store with the goal of trying out a new local brew. As I browsed the craft beer isle, I noticed the vast differences in the price of a six-pack between brands.

This is due in part because different breweries have varying costs for labor, specific ingredients, shipping expenses, and even taxes. But smart brewers are now looking to packaging manufacturers to help cut costs while improving their products to be more competitive. According to a study by The Huffington Post, 13% of the final cost of a six-pack of beer goes towards its packaging!

Today, consumers and retailers alike are seeking greater packaging variety, more product innovation, high quality at a low price, and they want their products to be sustainable. This puts pressure onto packaging manufacturers as they need to consider energy costs, material costs, and the type of environmental impact their packages will have.

How can packaging manufacturers use simulation to design the perfect cardboard packaging? Watch the webinar, “Realistic Simulation for Optimized Packaging: Cardboard Packaging.”

Simulation is now making it possible for manufacturers to rethink the way in which they design, build, and test products. Amazingly, engineers can virtually evaluate multiple designs up-front in the design process, consider more alternatives, and capture share and reuse design data easily. Simulation technology, like that included within Dassault Systèmes’ Perfect Package Industry Solution, offers key benefits including reduced package weight, accelerated design times, and optimized product designs.

Now, consider again our six-pack of beer―careful design of the bottles or cans is important, but what about the cardboard packaging used to transport this precious cargo to stores and markets? Often times the first things you see when browsing the beer isle are mountainous stacks of cases. To reduce the risk of breakage and product damage, these cardboard boxes must be optimized for material strength and durability, but also have enough visual appeal to attract the eyes of thirsty consumers!

Discover how simulation is helping manufacturers design the perfect cardboard package for your favorite beers.

Watch our webinar, “Realistic Simulation for Optimized Packaging: Cardboard Packaging.” You will learn how virtual modeling enables package modification and optimization to achieve lighter weight, robust designs that are not only economical from a material savings standpoint, but also from a reduced processing time.

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