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SIMULIA Fluids Overview: Design from Concept to Certification

Did you miss the 3DEXPERIENCE Modeling and Simulation Conference in Novi, Michigan…
Avatar Katie Corey

Did you miss the 3DEXPERIENCE Modeling and Simulation Conference in Novi, Michigan on September 18-19th? This exciting event brought together the Dassault Systèmes design, modeling and simulation communities to drive engineering discovery.  We sat down with one of the presenters at the conference, Rick Shock, a Technical Sales Director with SIMULIA, to talk about his presentation, “SIMULIA Fluids Overview: Design from Concept to Certification.” Stay tuned for more interviews from presenters and all the content from the conference.

Hi Rick, thanks for taking the time to chat. What is your talk about?

We gave an overview of how SIMULIA fluid solutions can be leveraged to impact design decisions made at all stages of product development. We showed real time fluid-design interaction and comprehensive concept development tools, and examples of fluids solutions to meet design targets that are getting more challenging to meet across industries. We also demonstrated how SIMULIA fluids solutions can be used to verify and digitally certify designs meet regulatory requirements.

Why is fluid simulation so important?

Most products designed today interact in some way with fluids in our environment. Car, airplanes, medical devices, energy generation or extraction all have design challenges related to how fluid moves around or through them. Modeling and simulation of fluid systems though out the entire development cycle allows designers to gain insight and make informed choices that would not be possible or cost prohibitive with physical based approaches.

What does SIMULIA offer in the domain of fluids?

From early concept development stage, all the way through certification, SIMULIA fluids solutions can be utilized to ensure regulatory requirements are met without sacrificing performance. These solutions additionally reduce risk of delays in product launches due to certification, and speed overall development while reducing costs.

Why should people listen to your talk?

Attendees will learn about some of the most recent and powerful developments for bringing simulation upstream into the design studio, allowing engineers, stylists and designers to work together. The presentation also outlines advanced fluids solutions, demonstrating specific SIMULIA workflows where simulations can be leveraged to ensure designs will meet new regulatory challenges seen around the world, as well as solutions and methods where simulation can replace physical tests for certification purposes.

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