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SIMULIA Community News Magazine ECAV Edition

Imagine that you are on a family road trip. Traveling to your…
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Imagine that you are on a family road trip. Traveling to your destination by car can require long hours in a small space, creating the potential for fatigue, boredom and possible family arguments. But road trips and car travel also provide time for connecting and having fun with your loved ones.  Some of the best memories can be made on long drives, where the curiosity and anticipation of exploring new landscapes and cultures is just outside of your window.

Car travel can invoke a wide range of both positive and negative emotions. But what if I told you that we could optimize the road trip experience by removing the uncomfortable and unpleasant aspects of driving? What if all the time you spent in a car was both relaxing and exciting; no fatigue, boredom or arguments? Instead, car travel could become synonymous with making memories.

This may seem like a dream, but at Dassault Systémes we are working to make this a reality.  We are driving the digital future of electric, connected and autonomous vehicles, and we are inspired to deliver the cars of the future, ones that will understand you, talk and interact with you, and bring comfort to your driving life.

The electric vehicle revolution is here. In our latest version of the SIMULIA Community News Magazine, you can get a glimpse into the immense wave of creativity that is taking place today in the Transportation & Mobility industry.

  • The cover story features Romeo Power Technology and their plan to build better batteries. Learn how simulation will help them as they aim to end global energy poverty by 2023 through the development of cost-effective, sustainable energy storage solutions that can be used virtually anywhere on the planet.
  • Kreisel Electric is driving electromobility with the 3DEXPERIENCE platform by using our modeling and simulation capabilities to optimize a motor’s performance and balance all components of an electric powertrain.
  • RWTH Aachen University is focusing on the unique noise and vibration challenges of electric machines by using SIMULIA solutions and NVH analyses.

Other stories in the issue include capabilities of SIMULIA’s electromagnetic solutions like electromagnetic performance analysis of the sensors, soiling analysis of sensors, access to the interference and compliance of electrical systems, and more.

Click here to read the latest SIMULIA Community News Magazine.

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