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R2019x Release: Simpack and PowerFLOW

The Simulation portfolio in 3DEXPERIENCE R2019x brings a variety of enhancements and new capabilities to…
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The Simulation portfolio in 3DEXPERIENCE R2019x brings a variety of enhancements and new capabilities to all users, and analysts in particular can leverage a suite of Roles to connect existing models, data, results, and simulation IP to the 3DEXPERIENCE for structures (Abaqus), fluids (XFlow), and electromagnetics (CST). Below is an overview of what’s new in the SIMULIA PowerFLOW and Simpack R2019x release:


SIMULIA PowerFLOW CFD solution utilizes Lattice Boltzmann-based physics to accurately predict real world performance with high fidelity transient digital prototypes and certification, replacing the need for expensive real-world testing and has several distinct advantages over experimental methods and traditional Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) technologies, including:

  • Reduction or Elimination of Physical Testing
  • Support Decisions in Early Design Stages
  • Accurate Results
  • Highly Detailed Geometric Complexity
  • Short Turn-Around Time
  • Access to Comprehensive Flow and Surface Data
  • Quick and Easy Design Modifications
  • High Quality Realistic Rendering of Simulation Results
  • Simultaneous Comparison of Multiple Designs Performance
  • Complete Access from SIMULIA Cloud Anytime and Anywhere

What’s New

  • Geometry Processing Enhancements in PowerDELTA
    • Gap Detection Diagnostics detects gaps in the selected CAD geometry that meet the user-specified threshold values and lists them in a table for review
    • Support for CATIA® PLM XML (*.plmxml) files as assembly input
    • Improved performance for detecting abutting contacts using the Mesh Diagnostics feature
  • Particle modeling for aerodynamics and soiling of vehicles
    • Save particle tracks to a new measurement file type (.pmr) during PowerFLOW and PowerVIZ particle modeling simulation
    • Visualization of particle tracks in PowerVIZ using filtering tools
    • Massless tracer particles useful to connect downstream transient effects to upstream geometry features
    • Improved lightweight PowerVIZ simulations to solve soiling problems for solid heavy particulate flows, and preview results with new particle emitters.
  • Enhanced Thermal Workflows for Efficiency and Reduced Turnaround Time
    •  Global frozen velocity LBM solver to accelerate long vehicle cabin thermal and climate control simulations
    • New parallel solvers for PowerTHERM solution reduce turnaround time
    • Shared Memory, Distributed and Hybrid computing
    • Variable thermal coupling for coupled PowerFLOW-PowerTHERM solution
    • Streamlined human thermal setup and computation in PowerTHERM
    • GUI Driven human thermal setup in PowerTHERM
    • Human thermal calculations parallelized for distributed and hybrid solution
    • New PowerTHERM technology visually highlights root cause for easier identification and correction
  • Accelerated High Quality Setup and Results Post-processing
    • Accelerated and consistent setup and post-processing of common PowerFLOW applications in Transportation and Mobility
    • Enhanced Design Reviews in PowerINSIGHT with 3-D Viewer to easily compare multiple designs


Simpack is a universal high end multi-purpose MBS (Multibody Simulation) software used for the dynamic analysis of any mechanical or mechatronic system in time and frequency domain. It enables engineers to generate and solve virtual 3D models in order to predict and visualize motion, (surface) velocities, accelerations, coupling forces and stresses. From initial concept designs, through to production and redesigns, Simpack is used to help engineers fully comprehend and optimize systems, vastly reduce the need for physical prototyping, reduce time-to-market and to improve product quality and lifespan. In essence, Simpack enables manufacturers to gain a competitive edge by offering the ability to create high quality products in a time and materially efficient manner thus reducing overall costs in design, production and maintenance.

What’s New

  • General Functionality
    • Introduce Bugsplat as crash reporting
    • Direct references for files
  • Simpack Licensing
    • Update to DSLS 2019x
    • Increased usability within Simpack
  • Flexible Bodies
    • Reflect deformed flexible Body mass properties
    • Improved coriolis and centrifugal forces for linear flexible Bodies
  • General Modelling Elements
    • Enhancements for Input Functions by formula
    • Support of mesh outputs for Gear Pair element
    • Support of distributed surface loads for Gear Pair element
    • New Force Element : Electric Machine Interface
    • Enhancements for PCM Contact model : New nonlinear stiffness description and additional outputs for wear calculation
  • Simpack Automotive
    • Update FTire Interface to version 2018-3
    • Update CDTire interface to version 4.2.7
    • Usability enhancements for Simpack Driver/Maneuver
  • Simpack Wizard
    • Additional libraries for Wizard projects
  • Simpack Rail
    • Gauge widening for cartographic rail tracks.
    • Extend PCM support for Rail Primitives.
  • Simpack Power’By (Simpack Specialist PXP role in 3DEXPERIENCE R2019x Simulation)
    • Support export of mode shape animations
    • Launch Simpack from 3DEXPERIENCE Compass
  • Simpack Scripting
    • User Plugins to address external systems (e.g. databases)

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