September 24, 2020

Meet SIMULIA Champion Bingyun Jiang

In early 2020, we launched the SIMULIA Champions program. The 2020 SIMULIA…
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In early 2020, we launched the SIMULIA Champions program. The 2020 SIMULIA Champions are the inaugural team of brand ambassadors, whose expertise and passion position them to advance the future of simulation technology. In this series of blogs, we introduce some of our individual SIMULIA Champions, finding out more about their history – and future – with the technology.

Bingyun Jiang is a simulation advocate based in China. For more than 10 years, he worked as a CAE technical consultant, which included the promotion of Abaqus software. Currently, he works as a freelancer and actively promotes SIMULIA products on WeChat Weibo and other channels, focusing particularly on industry application cases of Abaqus. In addition, Jiang has written several books on Abaqus, including Abaqus Analysis and Abaqus Project Examples.

Jiang’s journey with Abaqus began in graduate school, where he majored in mechanical engineering and used the software for research calculations. His research focus was stamping forming, including the hot stamping and cold stamping of automotive panels. After graduating, he joined Fortune 500 company Foxconn Technology Group, an electronics contract manufacturer based in Taiwan. Jiang worked on CAE analysis to do design verification of mobile phones. He used Abaqus to do strength analysis of the phones, as well as fe-safe to predict lifespan and Isight and Tosca for electronic connector optimization.

After about two years working in the mobile phone industry, Jiang joined another Fortune 500 company where he performed CAE verification of auto parts.

“At this company, I did some joint simulations using Abaqus and Isight, which mainly emphasized the development of automated processes, combined with Tosca for topology optimization, and even included some lightweight design,” he explains.

The biggest challenge Jiang has faced in his simulation career is the lack of material parameters provided by suppliers. He faced this issue in his work with both mobile phones and auto parts.

“The material base that our suppliers can provide was quite weak,” he says. “They also lack a large amount of material testing equipment, and the entire country lacks testing standards for glass, rubber and other material parameters as well as testing equipment.”

While confronting these issues on a particular project involving automotive seals and buffers, Jiang used Isight to optimize, align and cross-validate the products to confirm their material parameters. He is proud of his work promoting simulation products in China, a country he describes as having a weak foundation and a lack of knowledge in simulation.

CAE is a large part of Jiang’s personal life as well as his career. Outside of work, he spends his time meeting with Abaqus experts, especially college students, explaining Abaqus applications and promoting Abaqus books, including the ones that he wrote himself. He enjoys answering questions from trainees during the training and technical consultation process and learning about the problems they encounter in the real world. Jiang currently has more than 500 trainees, and more than 30,000 people have received Abaqus support through his public account as well as his books.

“By replicating and promoting Abaqus in this way, I feel that I have a great responsibility,” he says.

SIMULIA is pleased to welcome Bingyun Jiang into the 2020 SIMULIA Champions program and excited to continue working with him in the future. Stay tuned to the blog to learn more about our other 2020 SIMULIA Champions.

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