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Introducing the 2022 SIMULIA Champions

For the third year, SIMULIA is recognizing the passionate and talented individuals…
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For the third year, SIMULIA is recognizing the passionate and talented individuals who work every day to share their expertise on simulation. We are proud to call these individuals our SIMULIA Champions, a designation first offered in 2020 and continues this year with a new class of experts and influencers.

The SIMULIA Champions are spread across the globe, hailing from 10 countries and working in eight industries, including aerospace, automotive, energy, high-tech, manufacturing, consumer goods and packaging, and academia. They are scientists and engineers, professors and researchers. They are experts in electronics, additive manufacturing, energy, and much more.

These extraordinary individuals are active users of the 3DEXPERIENCE platform and the SIMULIA portfolio. They work with AbaqusCST Studio SuiteIsightSimpackfe-safePowerFLOW, and many of our other products. They specialize in structures, electromagnetics, multibody dynamics, and fluid dynamics.

This year’s Champions come from companies including  Procter & Gamble Services SA/NV, GE Renewable Energy, Hyundai Motor Group, and Larsen and Toubro—just to name a few. They use SIMULIA products to design everything from packaging to wind turbines, from antennas to battery manufacturing.

We are pleased to add our 2022 class to the 2021 and 2020 groups. The SIMULIA Champions total 83 brand ambassadors who work tirelessly to share their knowledge, inspire their peers, and enrich the SIMULIA Community as a whole.

Our Champions include:

  • Tse Tong Chia, Distinguished Member of Technical Staff at DSO National Laboratories focusing on electromagnetic design and applications, including lenses, reflectarray/transmit array antennas, and metasurface.
  • Seong-Yong Wie, Senior Researcher at KARI, conducts computational analysis and test studies of rotorcraft rotors and propellers.
  • Mingyu Kim, Research Associate at Korea Electrotechnology Research Institute, is interested in automating analysis by linking geometrical and analytical models.
  • Victor Pinks II, CAE Workforce/Education Integrator for Businesses at Marmion Academy, created a new type of business-centric CAE workforce/education curriculum model that has been live tested since 2013 as CPARC (Computational Prototyping And Research Center).
  • Katerina Galitskaya, Senior Antenna Engineer at Radientum Oy, works on various types of projects, designing antennas for IoT, cellular and mm-wave applications.
  • Nandor Mago, Finite Element Analyst at NZ HERA, works on many unique structural and mechanical engineering problems, generally dealing with steel-concrete-foam composite structures analyzed under a variety of loading conditions using implicit and explicit solvers.
  • Tang Yang, Geotechnical Engineer at Central-South Architectural Design Institute Co. Ltd, has solved many engineering problems with numerical simulation techniques simulation to study the diffusion of polluting gases in the Leishenshan Hospital.
  • Sylvestre Canceil, Group Scientist at Procter & Gamble Services SA/NV, focuses on Simulation Process and Data management aiding the development of their bespoke solution that promoted the democratization of Modelling and Simulation within the business teams.
  • Ben Marrant, Lead NVH Engineer at ZF Wind Power, uses state-of-the-art codes for vibro-acoustic analysis to validate simulation models using measurements on these large powertrains to constantly improve the predictions for future product developments.
  • Colin Schwarz, Senior Engineer, Wind Turbine Acoustics at GE Renewable Energy, provides simulation-based risk assessments on narrow banded machinery noise with a strong focus on gearbox tonality.
  • Jinhak Kong, Team Leader at LG Energy Solution, manages the building of key CAE models and AI models for the digital twin in battery manufacturing processes.
  • John Sawyer, Principal Engineer at Atkins and SNC-Lavalin Group Company, uses simulation for a variety of activities, including dynamic modeling of reactor cores, impact analysis of nuclear transport structures, and complicated pipe whip problems.
  • Stefan Hauptmann, Head of the Wind Energy Department at MesH Engineering GmbH, is leading the wind energy department, solving tasks for various customers in the field of structural dynamics, aerodynamics, and aeroelasticity of wind turbines and their drive trains.
  • Fang He, Chief Specialist of Cabling System at Zhejiang Zhaolong Interconnect Technology Co., Ltd., uses simulation as a development tool for ethernet connectivity products.
  • Shin Il, Manager at DTR Corporation, focuses on anti-vibration parts for EVs.
  • Suyog Gopal Shinde, DY. General Manager – Product Development and Process Technology at Larsen and Toubro, works on the development of many new products and technologies related to equipment in the process and power industry.
  • LiJie Wang, Simulation Leader at ARaymond Innovation Center China, uses the quasi-static method for the simulation of pushing in and pulling out the force of fasteners and pressure drop simulation for Quick Connectors and nozzle spraying simulation for cleaning systems.
  • YongHa Han, Research Fellow (Lab Director) at Hyundai Motor Group (R&D Division, Virtual Technology Research Lab), manages the Virtual Technology Innovation Research Lab and focuses on advanced simulation methodology development to create the most realistic simulations possible in virtual reality to save on testing costs and time.
  • Andrea Alù is the Founding Director and Einstein Professor at the Photonics Initiative, CUNY Advanced Science Research Center. He received his Laurea (2001) and PhD (2007) from the University of Roma Tre, Italy, and, after a postdoc at the University of Pennsylvania, he joined the faculty of the University of Texas at Austin in 2009, where he was the Temple Foundation Endowed Professor until Jan. 2018.
  • Prathap Valale Prasannakumar is an antenna engineer in the Reality Labs at Meta Platforms, Inc. He has worked on Oculus Quest 2 VR devices. His current research is focused on Wi-Fi (2.4 GHz, 5 GHz, and 6 GHz), Bluetooth, and UWB antennas and improving the isolation between collocated antennas in AR/VR consumer electronics devices.
  • Yunyao Jiang is currently a Senior Engineer at GlobalFoundries. In his current role, Yunyao does Thermal-Mechanical simulation for risk assessment on Chip Packaging design, BEoL reliability and CPI. Before he joined GF, Yunyao received his Ph.D. degree in Mechanical Engineering from University of New Hampshire in 2019 in the field of solid mechanics and metamaterials.
  • Rakesh C Ramachandran is a mechanical engineer with a doctorate degree from the Illinois Institute of Technology. He is currently working for Caterpillar Inc. as a Senior Engineer in Noise & Vibration. His specialty is Aeroacoustics and fluid-structure interaction problems.

The SIMULIA Champions have much to teach us, so we look forward to hearing from them about their work and expertise. They will share their stories here in the SIMULIA blog as well as in the SIMULIA Community. We are excited to learn more about our Champions’ careers and about the journeys that led them to work in simulation.

SIMULIA is happy to welcome the 2022 Champions and to thank them for their efforts to advance the development and adoption of simulation technology!

Stay tuned for more SIMULIA Champion Announcements!

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