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Additive Manufacturing Hackathon: Congratulations Miami University!

Miami University (Matt Becker, David Pearl, Doug McIe) was the 1st place…
Avatar Rachel Fu

Miami University (Matt Becker, David Pearl, Doug McIe) was the 1st place winner in this year’s 2nd annual Additive Manufacturing Hackathon. University of Massachusetts Dartmouth/PrismADD (Rojin Ghandriz, Asia Haque, Prosenjit Biswas, Rhushik Matroja) placed 2nd, and University of Massachusetts Lowell (Patrick Drummey Jr, Brett Wadman) placed 3rd. Congratulations to all of our winning teams!

The Additive Manufacturing Hackathon took place in conjunction with the 2018 Science in the Age of Experience conference and Additive Manufacturing Symposium. For the Hackathon event, participants used 3DEXPERIENCE software applications to overcome design and manufacturing challenges in additive manufacturing. Dassault Systèmes software for Functional Generative Design, Process Planning and Simulation, Topology Optimization and Shape Compensation was made available on-cloud for all participants, with expert application engineers available for support. In teams, the participants used the software tools to analyze, evaluate, and optimize the AM designs of several realistic engineering challenges. Our esteemed panel of judges included Claus Pederson (Technology Director, Dassault Systèmes), Stefanie Feih (Senior Scientist, SIMTech), and Derek Luther (Senior Manager, adidas Group).

Miami University focused on manufacturing planning and simulation of a customized knee implant, and evaluated different build orientations to minimize part distortions. The judges for the event were impressed with the team’s critical thinking and team-oriented approach to solving the challenge.

University of Massachusetts Dartmouth/Prismadd solved a design optimization challenge put forth by Xuberance, a design studio focused on additive manufacturing. The team was able to come up with an elegant and functional design that minimized material, while still conforming to the structural requirements. The team was even able to send their design to be printed by our sponsor Rize.

University of Massachusetts Lowell decided to bring their own challenge, in which they explored build orientation of dog-bone shaped specimens to understand the impact of build parameters on the mechanical performance of the specimens.

Two weeks prior to the event, participants were given on-cloud access to the end-to-end additive manufacturing capabilities. The Hackathon kicked off with some quick-start lectures on the tools, and the teams had 2 days to complete their work. On-cloud usage of the 3DEXPERIENCE platform provided a simple hardware setup, with participants able to use their own laptops if desired, and the freedom to work on their challenges anywhere.

Check out the winning team’s presentation below and congratulations again to all of the teams!

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