November 1, 2018

Fatigue Methods for fe-safe

In this online only course, we cover the metal fatigue methods implemented…
Avatar Sandy Eyl

In this online only course, we cover the metal fatigue methods implemented in fe-safe including infinite life, stress life and strain life fatigue.

Why is metal fatigue important? Because fatigue failures are expensive. A component failing before its intended useful life can mean expensive product launch delays, product recalls, warranty claims and legal liability.

According to NIST and Battelle institute studies in 2004, fatigue failures cost companies $190 billion annually, when corrected for inflation.

Not sure if the Goodman line is any better or worse than strain-based fatigue? What is the S-N curve good for now that we have FEA to calculate the strains? Find out more in this eSeminar on metal fatigue.


Ashwani Goel, SIMULIA Senior Solution Consultant, says, “it is challenging to calculate the fatigue location and life by using traditional methods especially because of multiple amplitude and non-proportional loading, loading sequence, presence of mean stresses and manufacturing effects. There is a need to understand what an intelligent fatigue software like fe-safe can do to address these challenges.”

Mark Wyatt, SIMULIA Senior Business Development Executive, says this course, “brings engineers up to the current state of knowledge in fatigue analysis including capabilities and limitations.”

Sandy Eyl, Senior Technical Specialist, SIMULIA Worldwide Training, says, “this material helped me understand what the Brown-Miller algorithm in fe-safe represents, and how it was derived when I first started supporting users.”


Our lectures and demonstrations will include:

  • Fatigue from FEA models
  • Infinite life methods
  • Stress-life methods
  • Strain based fatigue
  • Plasticity and Fatigue
  • Variable Amplitude Loading
  • Multiaxial Fatigue
  • Critical Plane methods

No installation? No problem! All examples will be demonstrated by DS instructors!

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