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Electric Drive Noise and Vibration

Manufacturers of internal combustion engine automobiles have had a century to perfect…
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Manufacturers of internal combustion engine automobiles have had a century to perfect these machines and ensure customer satisfaction. On the other hand, manufacturers of electric vehicles are finding themselves playing catch-up. Customers want to be just as satisfied with their electric vehicles as they are with their traditional cars, expecting the same level of maturity in a much shorter amount of time.

This presents a challenge to electric vehicle designers and manufacturers, as EVs have their own unique challenges that don’t affect traditional automobiles. One of those challenges is that of noise. Electric vehicles are known for being quieter than traditional cars, but the lack of sound from an engine means that other noises and vibrations are much more apparent. It’s up to EV designers and engineers to find ways to identify and mitigate sources of noise in electric drive systems, which include both structure-borne and airborne disruptions. Simulation can help designers and engineers to both identify the problem areas, and also understand effects the modifications make to reduce the noise.

Dassault Systèmes and SAE International teamed up to present the webinar “Electric Drive Noise and Vibration Analysis.” This 30-minute presentation was given by Thomas Reimer, a SIMULIA Industry Solutions Manager for Dassault Systémes. Thomas has an advanced diploma in mechanical engineering and specializes in simulation applications for electric drive engineering.

Thomas presented on the main components of electric drive engineering, as well as how noise and vibration analysis can be carried out by integrating structural, electromagnetic and multibody system simulations. He also discussed the five steps involved in the process of building simulation models, and the need for involvement of various individuals in the process.

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