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Design Exploration Using the Parametric Design Study App

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The Parametric Design Study is a sophisticated application that offers parametric design exploration capabilities on 3DEXPERIENCE platform. Parametric Design Study empowers Simulation Engineers to seamlessly evaluate a number of design variants and pick the best design that satisfies the functional requirements.

One advantage of this application is that you get a single platform to perform the design exploration study: starting from study definition, design comparison, alternative generation. This application is loaded with easy-to-use tools and functionalities and allows you to define the design exploration study with a user-friendly interface.

Using this application, you can perform design exploration of a Physical Product or a Simulation Object. Depending on the type of reference object that you select, you can configure the study to explore a wide range of design variables. Typical design variables are geometry parameters, formula parameters, material definitions, loads and boundary conditions. Based on the evaluated response variables, you can identify designs that are better performers. Typical response variables are simulation sensor parameters, inertia parameters, formula parameters.

In the Parametric Design Study application, the study identifies the best-fit designs based on the objective that you define for the response variables. You can also impose constraint on the response variables to make better design decisions. From the study results, you can review each design variant for its response and by means of user-friendly interface; you can identify better performing designs. Further, you can perform trade-off study to select the best design. This application also allows you to generate one or more alternatives for the selected designs. The alternative generation option reduces the effort to modify the original object and recreates the best design.

This document provides a detailed information on the various features and capabilities of Parametric Design Study application. It also guides you on some best practices that you can adopt for efficiently defining a design exploration study. The document also demonstrates a complete 3DEXPERIENCE based workflow to perform the Design Improvement Study of a Bottle Design.

Target Audience: Design Engineers, Mechanical Analysts

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