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CST Studio Suite Release 2021x – Highlights

It’s now December of 2020, which means that product updates for 2021…
Avatar Clare Scott

It’s now December of 2020, which means that product updates for 2021 are beginning to be announced. CST Studio Suite continues to be the best-in-class software package for electromagnetic and multiphysics simulation, and the 2021 release improves and expands on the features that users have come to rely on for their varied needs. General highlights include:

  • Distributed Computing: Allow distribution of jobs to servers with inhomogeneous GPU count
  • Added support to protect lumped elements in protected projects
  • Wrap sheets and curves toward the faces of an arbitrary curved shape
  • Project curves toward a shape along the surface normal of the target shape
  • Enhanced healing and analysis of problematic shapes
  • Convert Discrete Ports to Lumped Elements and vice versa
  • Improved rendering performance for displaying the 3D geometry
  • Support of DSLS Licensing
  • Python API now compatible with Python versions 3.6 to 3.8
  • New generic library format for custom library creation and distribution
  • Update/extension of material library (Stacem materials, update of Preperm materials)

Improvements have been made to the system assembly and modeling, meshing and post-processing tools as well. CST Studio Suite 2021x now supports multiple MPI versions for high performance computing, and offers an automated MPI-CPU setup for large projects. The following capabilities also include new enhancements:

  • High frequency simulation
  • Low frequency simulation
  • Particle simulation
  • Cable and circuit simulation

The thermal simulation CHT solver now supports liquid cooling, k-omega and Spalart-Allmaras turbulence models, transient simulations and more.

New tools have been added to SPARK3D and Antenna Magus, which users can easily integrate with CST through the 3DEXPERIENCE platform.

Printed circuit board (PCB) simulation is enhanced through improved multi-editing of elements like traces, as well as an improved and harmonized layout design view. The electronic design automation (EDA) import dialog user interface has been redesigned with improved reporting.

In terms of filter design macro models, Fest3D features a new automatic CST Design Studio project generation from synthesis modules. FD3D offers a new filter design process for automated 3D filter dimensioning, as well as new supported filter topologies and new filter components in the component library. IdEM improves the possibilities for comparing different models, and has a new option to calculate and visualize modeling errors for different target configurations.

These are only a few of the highlights included in the CST Studio Suite 2021x release. For a thorough look at what the new release offers, please attend the upcoming e-seminar SIMULIA CST Studio Suite R2021x | Technology Enhancement Highlights on December 10.

Learn more and register for the upcoming live e-seminar SIMULIA CST Studio Suite R2021x | Technology Enhancement Highlights on December 10th.

The content will also be available on-demand after the live event is over.

In addition, further reading is available on several of the new features, including the following:

CST Studio Suite 2021x allows electromagnetics designers and engineers to access better versatility in modeling, meshing and solver technologies. Whether they are working in antenna and microwave component engineering, aerospace communication or electronic design, CST Studio Suite enables users to experiment with virtual prototypes at the very beginning of the design process, to compare the performance of different configurations, and to optimize their products as part of end-to-end industry processes that require EM simulation.

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