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Accelerating Product Development with Fluid Dynamics Engineer Role

Fluid dynamics is an important discipline that applies to numerous industries. It…
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Fluid dynamics is an important discipline that applies to numerous industries. It is a complex discipline, but SIMULIA offers several solutions that make navigating it easier for designers and engineers. One of those solutions is the Fluid Dynamics Engineer role on the 3DEXPERIENCE platform. This simulation role was created for engineers who perform routine fluid flow and conjugate heat transfer calculations.

Fluid Dynamics Engineer is intended to guide design improvements while exploring innovative design concepts. It takes a CAD and PLM-embedded CFD approach that allows users to quickly explore hundreds of designs while concurrently improving product performance based on criteria such as optimal flow distribution, efficient thermal management, minimal pressure losses, flow uniformity, and reduced recirculation.

The Fluid Dynamics Engineer role uses industry standard RANS based finite element volume CFD technology with an integrated and fully guided user experience tailored for designers to perform end-to-end product design efficiently in a single collaborative environment on 3DEXPERIENCE. This role enables designers to validate and enhance product performance at the earliest stages of design for faster time to market.

Each design iteration benefits from faster turnaround time due to the intuitive GUI and minimal user interactions. Robust, fully automatic body-fitted meshing lets users accurately capture complex product performance with limited manual effort and domain expertise. A guided workflow allows non-expert users to easily set up simulation scenarios in minutes.

Users can perform quick and accurate steady-state as well as long transient simulations with the thoroughly validated RANS solver. They can analyze internal and external fluid flows with automatically selected turbulence models leveraging mesh tolerant near-wall treatments. Fluid Dynamics Engineer also includes a native conjugate heat transfer solver including radiation, with automatic interface detection.

The Fluid Dynamics Engineer role allows users to capture multidisciplinary requirements including FSI and 3D CFD – 1D model coupling. An embedded compute of eight cores plus an option to extend compute capacity on HPC enables a quick start with minimal setup. Designers can automate design exploration by creating and deploying custom processes such as trade-off studies, multi-point optimization and more.

In the e-seminar “CAD and PLM-Embedded CFD for Designers and Engineers to Accelerate Product Innovation,” SIMULIA Worldwide Industry Process Expert Srikrishna Chittur will discuss how the Fluid Dynamics Engineer role can accelerate product development cycle with upfront usage of flow and thermal simulations to explore alternatives and guide design decisions concurrently.

Topics covered include:

  • Key values
  • CFD and PLM-embedded CFD workflow
  • Designer-centric user experience
  • Core technology
  • Automating design exploration
  • Multiphysics
  • Addressable applications
  • Validation examples
  • Cloud offering

The webinar is taking place Wednesday June 9th from 11:00 AM to 12:00 PM ET and will be available on-demand after the live event has concluded. Attendees will gain insights on the CAD and PLM-embedded CFD solution for accelerating simulation-driven product innovation, and obtain a high-level overview of automating design exploration and trade-off studies in a collaborative environment. They will learn about capturing multidisciplinary requirements within a multi-physics, multi-scale framework as well as about reducing IT software and hardware costs through simulation made accessible on the cloud.

Learn more and register for the e-seminar here.

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