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VIDEO | Eaton Reuses Parts and Improves Efficiency with EXALEAD Sourcing & Standardization

A global technology leader in power management solutions, selling products in more…
Avatar Kim Terca

A global technology leader in power management solutions, selling products in more than 175 countries, Eaton Corporation uses the 3DEXPERIENCE platform to get more value out of its data. With information silos broken down and all Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) data aggregated together on the 3DEXPERIENCE platform, the company then added EXALEAD OnePart Sourcing & Standardization Intelligence to improve engineering efficiency and drive part reuse. Eaton’s engineering department immediately realized the benefit of being able to quickly analyze parts and identify the best component for every project, using the power of 3D-similarity and semantic search.

In this video interview, Matt Rose, IT Analyst at Eaton, says:

“Certainly one of the most powerful features we brought in later in our lifetime with Dassault PLM has been the EXALEAD [OnePart] search module and the immediate impact that had on our engineers using it. Even a week after deployment, we were getting praise from some of our custom-order engineering that we’re finding parts and able to reuse parts that we would never have been able to find previously. And that’s a solution, you know, I wish we could have had that ten years ago.”

Watch the interview:


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