April 12, 2022

United as NETVIBES

This blog, formerly known as EXALEAD, has been rebranded as NETVIBES! EXALEAD,…
Avatar Kim Terca

This blog, formerly known as EXALEAD, has been rebranded as NETVIBES!

EXALEAD, PROXEM and NETVIBES are now united under one powerful brand: NETVIBES reveals Information Intelligence on the 3DEXPERIENCE platform, helping organizations to transform massive flows of real-world data into actionable insights. By leveraging AI to better understand data, NETVIBES enriches virtual twin experiences to more accurately predict product and asset performance under changing conditions. With the ability to analyze infinite what-if scenarios and optimize outcomes, companies can make informed decisions that improve business processes, drive innovation and unlock unlimited new potential.

The combination of NETVIBES, EXALEAD and PROXEM technologies strengthen our solutions portfolio:

  • Collaboration & Intelligence: Connect people, data and processes to make better decisions
  • Planning: Gain decision-making insights on market trends, programs and products to achieve business targets
  • Virtual Product Development: Meet market and customer demands for lighter-weight products
  • Value Network: Optimize components sourcing and standardization, from designers to suppliers
  • Customer Experience: Reinvent customer experiences through data

Learn more about NETVIBES: https://www.3ds.com/products-services/netvibes/

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