April 13, 2021

The Top Five Reasons for Manufacturers to Improve Data Management – Part 5/6

This is Part 5 of our 6-part blog series based on our…
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This is Part 5 of our 6-part blog series based on our white paper, “The Top Five Reasons for Manufacturers to Improve Data Management.”

Reason #5: Inspire Innovation

By improving data management, manufacturing organizations will be able to inspire innovation from within by doing the following:

  • Including Input From Across the Enterprise – Innovation can come from many places, and some of the best ideas can come from the most unlikely of sources. Innovation does not come from becoming complacent—doing things the way that they’ve always been done. With an integrated PDM (product data management) system, manufacturers can gather valuable input and perspectives from across the enterprise, including from those who routinely work with customers and frequently use your company’s products, helping to inspire greater innovation throughout product development.
  • Leveraging Faster, Broader Collaboration – With the greater productivity, flexibility, and agility provided by a PDM system, manufacturers can more quickly leverage broader collaboration and more agile operations to innovate new products, pursue new markets, or do both. Successfully introducing an innovative product or product feature requires bringing it to market first, and PDM tools can help you move more quickly and decisively than your competitors.
  • Supporting More-Innovative Approaches to Product Development and Manufacturing – A PDM system can also help manufacturers support more innovative approaches to product development as well as tap the latest manufacturing techniques. Concurrent product development—whereby all related functions are completed concurrently with the development of a product—and the use of additive manufacturing techniques are examples of the innovative approaches to product development and manufacturing that are supported by PDM.

A Case in Point: Inspiring Innovation at USSC Group

Since transitioning to [the 3DEXPERIENCE platform], USSC not only has introduced a revolutionary fire truck seat—the Valor crew seat—the company also has developed a complete line of configurable fire truck seats and is developing innovative seating products for ambulances and other rescue vehicles.

“The Valor line of seating is a tremendous success in the firefighting industry, giving our customers multiple options with advanced technology and providing continuous improvement in seating for our firefighters,” explains Director of Engineering/ Quality Jeff Krueger.

As a result, USSC has made immediate inroads in firefighting- and ambulance-seating markets, expanded its product lines quickly and cost-effectively, improved revision controls and design data management, realized higher quality, and reduced scrap and rework.

To read the full USSC Group Case Study, download the white paper.

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Download the “Top Five Reasons for Manufacturers to Improve Data Management” white paper

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