April 6, 2021

The Top Five Reasons for Manufacturers to Improve Data Management – Part 3/6

This is Part 3 of our 6-part blog series based on our…
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This is Part 3 of our 6-part blog series based on our white paper, “The Top Five Reasons for Manufacturers to Improve Data Management.”

Reason #2: Facilitate Collaboration

By improving data management, manufacturing organizations will be able to support more collaboration by doing the following:

  • Connecting Globally Dispersed Locations – As manufacturers become more global in scope, the need to connect product development, engineering, and manufacturing groups— as well as related business functions—has become critically important for increasing efficiencies and maximizing resource utilization worldwide. A PDM (product data management) system with a replicated vault is vital for connecting globally dispersed manufacturing locations and facilitating collaboration among them.
  • Integrating Communications Between Engineering Disciplines and Departments – As more and more products include mechanical, electronic, and electromechanical assemblies and components, the need to stimulate and support collaboration between different engineering disciplines and departments is growing. An integrated PDM system can help foster interdisciplinary collaboration because it establishes a common repository for the design and engineering information required before this type of collaboration can begin.
  • Linking Product Development and Production – Whenever product development and manufacturing departments are linked by a common PDM system, each department can collaborate more freely and efficiently. Product designers and engineers can collaborate more effectively with production specialists on the best manufacturing method, and manufacturing personnel can see and collaborate over what’s coming in the product development queue.
  • Fostering Collaboration With Other Departments Across the Enterprise – An integrated PDM system also allows manufacturers to accelerate and support other critical applications that can leverage product design data, stimulating collaboration across the enterprise. Product development information, such as bills of materials (BOMs), development timelines, and anticipated manufacturing processes can then be used to prepare and drive other important functions, including manufacturing planning, estimating and quoting, purchasing, sales, marketing, and other product launch activities, further streamlining a manufacturer’s core operations.

A Case in Point: Facilitating Collaboration at Munters

“We needed a solution that would allow us to combine all of our engineering teams into one large, interconnected group,” explains Monty Yates, a designer at the Munters facility in Texas. “In addition, we wanted to be able to share designs, standardize portions of our products globally, and build products wherever it made sense.”

Transforming several separate, autonomous product development groups into a single global organization requires a PDM system that provides tight revision control, consistent design information, and reliable replicating functionality. With the 3DEXPERIENCE platform, Munter replicates data daily from each of the five locations to the primary SQL Server™ vault in Massachusetts, providing designers anywhere in the world with access to the most current product design information.

As a result, Munters has streamlined its global development processes, increased design reuse worldwide, reduced design check-in errors by 25 percent, and realized more efficient resource utilization.

To read the full Munter Case Study, download the white paper.

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Download the “Top Five Reasons for Manufacturers to Improve Data Management” white paper

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