February 22, 2019

The Challenges of Customer Engagement – Part 2/2

Today’s customer presents companies with some real challenges. Only those customer relations…
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Today’s customer presents companies with some real challenges. Only those customer relations that are rooted in proximity, the exchange of accurate information, and the command of the techniques that allow needs to be anticipated and sources to be compared, will be capable of surviving for any length of time.

The customization of customer relations

Companies no longer think in terms of accumulating customers through mass marketing, but more in terms of closeness, one-to-one exchanges and winning back lost customers. Customer relations are striving to become personalized in every contact between the customer and the company, from product deliveries to after-sales, loyalty processes and much more.

Anticipating needs: A revolution in customer relations

In addition to customization and one-to-one contacts, customer relations must produce genuine added value for customers every day. Tomorrow’s customer will express three types of needs. First, the explicit needs: the needs the customer recognizes, usually measured by consumer surveys. These needs define the demand to which companies respond. The two other types of needs are more difficult to identify because the customer is unaware of them: present implicit needs and latent needs that will arise in the future. These are the two needs that the company must proactively anticipate, because this is where it can stand out from the competition.

Accessing customer knowledge with technology

One of the challenges facing modern companies consists of improving their capacity to capture multi-channel information in order to make the most of their knowledge of their customers. To achieve this, they must be able to call on instantaneous and collaborative business solutions.

Therefore, the customer relations management tool must be connected to the company’s other tools in order to aggregate all the data sources and to break down the barriers between internal departments. Centralizing and analyzing all the customer data will then enrich knowledge of customers and help determine the offer that the company proposes to its customers.

PART 1: The Challenges of Customer engagement 

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