February 22, 2022

Stop Wasting Time on Non-Value Added Tasks

In a Tech-Clarity survey, one-third of engineers reported spending most of their…
Avatar Kim Terca

In a Tech-Clarity survey, one-third of engineers reported spending most of their time on non-value added work. Several years ago, Dassault Systèmes released an ebook exploring how engineers can reduce time waste and execute more-critical tasks. The ebook was so popular that we are pleased to announce a refresh. How have trends evolved over the past several years?

In the new Tech-Clarity survey, not much has changed. Without realizing it, engineers still waste so much time on non-value added work that they spend only 54% of their time actually designing. What is changing, however, is that companies expect 43% of future engineering work to be done in flexible, work-from-anywhere environments. Unfortunately, this distributed environment can put engineering data at even greater risk of becoming outdated. Already today, 94% of engineers say they need updated data faster than they currently receive it.

Our new ebook, “How to Reduce Non-Value Added Work in Engineering,” explores how new tools and approaches to product development can keep engineers laser-focused on what’s really important—creating that next amazing new product. Discover best practices to make research and development processes more efficient. We invite you to read it, an excellent conversation starter that many engineers and manufacturers will relate to.

Together we can optimize engineering, reduce waste and accelerate future innovation.

Read the ebook, “How to Reduce Non-Value Added Work in Engineering.”

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