March 2, 2021

Sonatel Uses OneCall for 360-Degree View of Customer Experience Data

Global telecommunications operator Sonatel needed a solution that would enable employees to…
Avatar Kim Terca

Global telecommunications operator Sonatel needed a solution that would enable employees to provide a premium experience to customers during every interaction. By equipping sales consultants with a single interface aggregating customer data, the EXALEAD (OneCall) Customer Vue360 solution streamlines all the CRMs used across the company and deletes duplicate entries, providing a single source of truth for critical customer data. It not only improves customer service, but also makes life easier for all of Sonatel’s sales staff.

“Anyone who interacts with the customer must have the tools required to satisfy them in the best possible way. This applies to sales consultants in contact centers and internal and external call centers as well as direct network sellers and partners at franchise stores. The same goes for level 2 and 3 support for organizations in contact with customers. Everyone must have the same 360-degree view.” – Mamadou Coundoul, Head of the Service Engineering Department, Sonatel

Having all customer data readily accessible by all of Sonatel’s entities, subsidiaries and international locations ensures that issues are handled as efficiently as possible, simplying the customer journey and standardizing processes enterprise-wide. As a result, the company is prioritizing the level of customer experience, which is reflected in Sonatel’s high customer retention rates.

Without the need to search through multiple systems for data, agents save a significant amount of time. During a call, agents can easily edit customer contracts and other information, keeping essential data up to date. Through the unified interface, necessary requests are intuitively triggered in back-end systems, streamlining service. Sonatel has noted a nearly 10% reduction in average processing time for requests at prepaid mobile call centers, comprising more than 80% of customer interactions.

The 360-degree view gives sales consultants a big advantage, allowing them to focus on educating customers about eligible offers, potentially increasing revenue. Long term, Sonatel’s increased knowledge about its customer base will allow the company to develop new offers better tailored to specific account needs.

OneCall has reduced time spent processing customer requests, enhanced quality of service and raised overall customer satisfaction.

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