March 9, 2020

Procurement Intelligence: Save Time and Money with Part Standardization through EXALEAD

In the average company, engineers spend up to 45% of their time…
Avatar Kim Terca

In the average company, engineers spend up to 45% of their time searching for and recreating existing product parts.

By standardizing parts across the enterprise and optimizing sourcing, manufacturers can overcome this obstacle to deliver better products, more quickly, efficiently and sustainably. EXALEAD Sourcing & Standardization Intelligence on the 3DEXPERIENCE platform empowers companies to save millions by adopting smart procurement strategies.

Identify duplicates, compare 3D parts and specifications, and quickly find any part you need using the power of automation and analytics, including 3D-similarity and semantic search. With everything available on the 3DEXPERIENCE platform, users can find the right part, configure it, insert it directly into the 3D design environment in one click and even source it.

Visit our new Sourcing & Standardization Intelligence webpage to discover resources for Procurement, including demos, customer testimonials, eBooks, white papers and other essential content. Learn how customers are lowering costs and improving performance by:

  • Defining part standards and sharing them across the enterprise
  • Reducing the number of parts
  • Intelligently deciding whether to create a new part, reuse an existing part, or buy from a supplier
  • Monitoring and enforcing standardized part use across projects
  • Making better decisions throughout the product lifecycle using real-time intelligence

Explore Sourcing & Standardization for Procurement on our website.

Read more about Procurement Intelligence on our blog.

See a demo: Analyze Part Spend with a Procurement Intelligence Dashboard.

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