December 17, 2021

Optimize Product Changes and Reduce Development Costs with Change Intelligence

Global product teams need a unified view into all product Changes and…
Avatar Kim Terca

Global product teams need a unified view into all product Changes and projected impacts in order to make the best decisions, speed product development and reduce Change cycle times.

With Change Intelligence on the 3DEXPERIENCE platform, project stakeholders have a full view into past and ongoing Changes, as well as the impact of Changes. Quantitative and trend analysis enables users to assess critical Changes and make the right decisions, resulting in the best outcomes. By supporting a consistent, systems-based, multi-disciplinary Change process, enterprises streamline coordination of Change activities from product governance to work-in-process, maintaining strict controls and traceability and improving operational efficiencies for global product development.

Change Intelligence enables 360-degree analysis of all product Changes to address 3 business challenges:

  1. Master decision-making and define priorities
  2. Accelerate product development convergence
  3. Increase process efficiency and product quality

A Change dashboard delivers a consolidated and dynamic view of all past and ongoing Change Requests, Change Orders, Change Actions and Issues, delivering real-time insights for informed decisions based on internal and external data. Managers can leverage pre-defined metrics to monitor and analyze Change processes on team workload, resource planning and process efficiency.

In addition to the Change Intelligence needed to decide how to act, project managers can orchestrate direct actionability through Change Management applications on the 3DEXPERIENCE platform. Facilitate collaboration between all stakeholders, remind them of critical actions due, and remove non-value-added process steps. Ensure Change execution by analyzing main issues, risks, delivery timeline and related mitigation plan, all in one unified platform.

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