December 9, 2020

Manufacturers Use Big Data Analytics to Drive Digital Transformation

Dassault Systèmes is helping to evolve the way the world manufactures, leading…
Avatar Kim Terca

Dassault Systèmes is helping to evolve the way the world manufactures, leading to a brighter and more sustainable future.

Previously, “manufacturers were using data mostly to understand and optimize their operations,” said Julien Calviac, Strategy Director for NETVIBES-EXALEAD. “But if we want to increase our ability to manage the unexpected, we need to raise our expectations of what’s possible.” Because data on its own is missing contextual information, manufacturers must determine what are the additional data sources that need to be connected in order to fill in the missing pieces.

True digital transformation requires 3 steps:

  1. Collate and contextualize all past decisions. Understanding decisions made in the past helps to add context and guide future decisions.
  2. Connect multiple data sources and map them together to form a common knowledge base that’s accessible to all team members.
  3. Use a digital platform to connect users to the knowledge base. The system fosters collaboration and automatically captures results to help inform better future business decisions.

Using this collaborative data intelligence, manufacturers can create virtual twin models of their operations to help improve performance, predict maintenance needs and increase overall quality.

Unlock the full value of Big Data: watch the interview with Julien Calviac, NETVIBES-EXALEAD Strategy Director.

Learn more about Big Data Analytics for Manufacturers on the 3DEXPERIENCE platform.

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Manufacturing in the Age of Experience 2020

               The Quest for Sustainable Operations, Dassault Systèmes’ 2020 Manufacturing in the Age of Experience event, was held virtually in November. Industry experts and thought leaders gathered online to explore the latest innovations in manufacturing. Teams collaborated creatively to solve industry-related puzzles and explored how to use a virtual twin experience to move toward stronger business resiliency and sustainability. Event speakers included Dr. Jeffrey Liker of University of Michigan, Elizabeth Hoegeman of Cummins Inc., Robert Nardini of Airbus, Kevin Prouty of IDC, and Anne Larilahti of Finnair. 

To learn more, watch the replays from the event:

Replay Day 1

Replay Day 2

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