March 15, 2021

Inspiring Manufacturing Transformation in the Digital Era – Part 3/6

This is Part 3 of our 6-part blog series based on the…
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This is Part 3 of our 6-part blog series based on the Frost & Sullivan white paper, “Inspiring Manufacturing Transformation in the Digital Era.”

Core Industrial Applications and IIoT Technologies—Where Is the Business Value for Customers?

A new production environment is on the horizon, and the factory of the future will create new value drivers and applications, as reflected in Exhibit 6. Manufacturers must understand the end-to-end digitalization process along the journey to smart manufacturing and embrace the following strategies:

  • Weave smart products across the enterprise, based on data: For the manufacturer, a robust digital thread enables faster decision-making and real-time traceability of quality issues throughout the enterprise, ultimately improving profitability.
  • Build a collaborative enterprise based on AI platforms: Collaborative capabilities based on AI platforms are critical to enabling new data flows, connecting multiple stakeholders, and providing actionable insight across multiple subject-matter areas.
  • Restructure operational processes with a smart supply network: Supply chains will evolve into a smart, responsive value network that is based on new business models and sustainable innovation.
  • Develop a digital twin to optimize operations: A digital twin explores end-to-end simulation and creates a closed-loop interaction between the physical and digital worlds. Today, a digital twin strategy uses machine learning to predict outcomes and apply advanced analytics to physical operations. Process digital twins allow immersive interaction and collaboration across organizations, providing unique insights into the product life cycle, including design, manufacturing, sustainment, and services.
  • Recalibrate existing business models: Digitalization is driving a value creation and transformation process of traditional business models. In some organizations, this provides a chance to move from a mass-production, product-centric model to a service-based model. Engagement models are also expected to morph from project-based milestones to continuous engagements.
  • Develop cybersecurity resiliency: Due to the proliferation of more connected and more integrated supply chains, cybersecurity is the top priority because every point of connectivity could pose a cybersecurity risk. A comprehensive portfolio must offer a range of services from network management and remote security monitoring to incidence response and remediation, and threat intelligence and analytics. An effective cybersecurity policy will ensure operational continuity, data privacy and security, and IP protection.
  • Foster sustainable innovation: Manufacturing customers of tomorrow will prioritize sustainable innovation over productivity gains. Smart manufacturing will continue to require efficient and cost-effective strategies to ensure that all resources and materials are optimally utilized. The industry is also poised to shift to a circular economic model of “reduce, reuse, and recycle,” and will adopt multiple sources of energy for factory operations.

As companies are taking concrete initiatives to transform their operations into the digitalized enterprises of the future, in the following section, we will introduce a digital transformation maturity model and roadmap that will help you assess your position against industry transformation pioneers.

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