December 2, 2021

Improve Mining Efficiency for Greater Sustainability with Strategic Resource Modeling

Sustainable mines are built on robust, dynamic and reliable Strategic Resource Models.…
Avatar Kim Terca

Sustainable mines are built on robust, dynamic and reliable Strategic Resource Models. Not only must they be highly accurate, but also resource models must comply with regulatory standards.

As near-surface, easily accessible resources have decreased, and the rate of discovering new ore deposits has fallen to an unacceptable level, companies are focusing on optimizing productivity on increasingly tougher orebodies. Although some estimations predict that known primary metal supplies will be depleted within 50 years, new research suggests that environmental, social and governance factors are more problematic than direct reserve depletion. Thus, it is critical for known deposits to be mined more efficiently. Operating based on inaccurate or outdated resource models can lead to production losses and inefficiencies.

The key to making informed decisions is to model every likely scenario for extracting the ore, using all available data about a deposit. This can be difficult, as information is frequently siloed across various departments and programs. As in other industries like manufacturing, mining companies are adopting collaborative work environments with a centralized single version of truth to boost productivity, giving all stakeholders access to data and tools for visualization and modeling.

With the Dassault Systèmes Strategic Resource Modeling (SRM) solution, geologists are empowered with the data management system and tools needed to automate the resource modeling process, resulting in consistent 3D resource models based on geological best practices. Embedded with a unique analytics architecture natively made to run geoscience big data applications, SRM on the 3DEXPERIENCE platform delivers the ability to manage, visualize and analyze resource models, conduct new resource estimations of orebodies, and create highly detailed sensitivity analyses, using a single source of truth in a collaborative environment. Leveraging geoscience analytics applications and virtual experience twin technology, geologists can experiment with unlimited what-if scenarios virtually to achieve the best real-world results. By saving time and improving accuracy of resource models, SRM helps mining companies to be more efficient and more sustainable.

The SRM process experience consists of 5 business processes:

  1. Import and manage geological data
  2. Visualize and analyze the geological model
  3. Conduct resource estimation
  4. Perform sensitivity analysis
  5. Share the block model and collaborate with the team

These business processes leverage the power of the 3DEXPERIENCE platform. Tasks in each workflow are completed in a timely and efficient manner and structured with clear project management principles.

, powered by GEOVIA and NETVIBES on the 3DEXPERIENCE platform:

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