January 24, 2022

Improve Design Performance with Weight & Balance Intelligence

A key challenge for engineers is to design new, better products that…
Avatar Kim Terca

A key challenge for engineers is to design new, better products that reduce weight, cost and material usage while maintaining or increasing strength, stability and safety—a complex puzzle, indeed. Lightweight engineering requires an exact balance among three performance indicators: weight, center of gravity and inertia matrix.

Available on the 3DEXPERIENCE platform on cloud, Weight & Balance Intelligence empowers managers and engineers with the data insights needed to evaluate the weight and balance of individual components and the entire product throughout the design process.

Design lightweight products at the speed of light, using two new roles:

  1. Weight & Balance Manager enables managers to define weight and balance objectives from the early stages of the program in order to improve design performance. Master in 3D the convergence of weight, center of gravity and inertia of the entire configured product in order to create the best design and product performance. Continuously monitor product weight and balance assessments, and collaborate with all stakeholders to achieve performance targets. Analyze, understand and compare with previous milestones to drive better decision-making.
  2. With Weight & Balance Designer, product designers can instantly navigate any configured product structure, from current or earlier versions, modify them and see the impact of all changes. Reveal and assess in 3D weight analytics, like missing weight values. Collaborate with the weight manager to respect the weight performance targets.

Both Weight & Balance Intelligence roles allow users to automatically evaluate and refine the weight of each element throughout the entire project. By analyzing estimated values of the weight, center of gravity and inertia matrix along the way, users can modify the elements to converge toward the stated objectives and compare the performance of all alternatives, making the best decision at each step to launch the best final product.

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