April 6, 2022

The Four Building Blocks to Unleashing Continuous Innovation with Virtual Twins

The digital era requires renewed business agility and innovation velocity, at the…
Avatar Kim Terca

The digital era requires renewed business agility and innovation velocity, at the speed of software. Organizations must adapt to deliver superior outcomes and constantly enhance quality. Virtual twin experiences, enriched by real and digital-world data and augmented by AI, deliver the contextualized insights and real-time intelligence required by the new adaptive enterprise to accelerate innovation and drive continuous improvement.

Recent research from Aberdeen shows that businesses using digital twins realize substantial advantages over non-users, including:

  • 25% decrease in the number of engineering change orders 
  • 12% increase in product ROI
  • 7% decrease in total cost per unit

The new Aberdeen report, “The Four Building Blocks to Unleashing Continuous Innovation,” explores the data challenges faced by today’s companies and explains the critical advantages provided by AI-powered digital twins to interpret and contextualize massive flows of data. Humans tend to learn through failure, and it is much less costly to fail in the virtual world, versus real life. To deliver this value, digital twins must map real and virtual data together to realistically replicate processes and parts and accurately predict real-world performance under any alternate situation, thereby enabling unlimited “what-if” experimentation to deliver the best outcomes.

Because implementation of digital twins and maximizing the use of insights doesn’t happen overnight, Aberdeen has shared the four key Building Blocks to help guide organizations, whether they are just getting started or already use virtual twins:

Building Block #1: Enabling Data Consumption By mapping virtual and real-world data together, enterprises can drive powerful virtual twin experiences and access to data insights across the entire organization.

Discover all 4 Building Blocks. Read the Aberdeen report to learn more and see the latest research quantifying the business benefits of digital twins.

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