April 27, 2021

Find Peace of Mind with PartSupply on the 3DEXPERIENCE Marketplace

In today’s uncertain market, the process of sourcing one part can make…
Avatar Kim Terca

In today’s uncertain market, the process of sourcing one part can make or break a business. To stay on schedule and guarantee consistently high levels of performance, a dependable supply chain is critical. Save time, reduce costs and minimize risks with PartSupply – your one-stop shop for peace of mind on the 3DEXPERIENCE Marketplace. PartSupply is the world’s most comprehensive and intelligent catalog of sourceable 3D components. Easy access to over 1,000 reliable external suppliers and almost 50 million configurations enables you to make quick, informed decisions to  reuse, buy or make product parts while streamlining your design and purchasing processes.

Manage your in-house catalog of components with PartSupply Standard Components Manager to optimize your design process, improve productivity and ensure standardization and parts reuse across your enterprise. Empower your designers by bringing qualified components to their fingertips, ready to source directly in their design environment with  PartSupply Optimized Components Consumer. Use Classification Intelligence Analyst to classify your product parts and ensure standard part reuse. And identify and promote master standard components for reuse while eliminating duplicate and obsolete parts with Standardization Intelligence Analyst.

Get access to qualified supplier components any time. After a quick search and side-by-side comparison, download the 3D model into your design environment for speedy validation, then check your supplier’s location, agree on a price and place your order – easy!

 The benefits of PartSupply are endless:

  • Minimize search, selection and testing time of parts from external catalogs
  • Facilitate relationships between sourcing and procurement professionals
  • Standardize and reuse parts across your enterprise
  • Streamline choices of referenced standard parts
  • Innovate by leveraging the full market offer to find the right part for you
  • Reduce risk and error by ensuring quality compliance with proven parts
  • Decrease delivery costs and time-to-market
  • Gain economies of scale
  • Build valuable supplier relationships
  • Improve your supply chain performance
  • Stretch your sustainability

Learn more about PartSupply.  Your ecosystem for 3D components is just a click away!

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