January 14, 2022

Drive Sustainable Innovation with Lifecycle Assessment

The design of a product or service determines 80% of its lifetime…
Avatar Kim Terca

The design of a product or service determines 80% of its lifetime environmental impact, making smarter design essential for improving sustainability. With Lifecycle Assessment (LCA), companies can integrate eco-design principles into the entire product lifecycle and analyze the impact of every design and manufacturing decision along the way. Data intelligence enables enterprises to choose the best sustainable materials, monitor consumption of water and other natural resources, and determine which manufacturing and supplier strategy results in the lowest carbon footprint.

When integrated with virtual twin technology, as with Dassault Systèmes’ Sustainable Innovation Intelligence, LCA delivers the insights needed to understand the full environmental impact, enabling designers to experiment virtually with unlimited variables and “what-if” scenarios, resulting in the best overall design. Companies are empowered to innovate toward circular product lifecycles, gain competitive advantage and lead the industry.

According to Financial Times research, the majority of business leaders understand the urgency of integrating sustainability efforts into the product lifecycle, but only 36% are currently planning to take action. What’s stopping them? One factor is that 61% say it would require substantial changes to their business models. That’s why advanced technology is essential, by enabling companies to overcome the complexities of analyzing the environmental, social and economic benefits. Armed with data intelligence and a better understanding of the benefits of improved sustainability, enterprises are positioned to accelerate innovation and make more-sustainable decisions throughout the product lifecycle for a cleaner planet and brighter future.

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