February 18, 2021

Discover NETVIBES Social Business Analyst and Social Business Explorer

Get answers to your biggest business questions, using real-time data insights. The…
Avatar Kim Terca

Get answers to your biggest business questions, using real-time data insights. The NETVIBES Social Business Analyst role on the 3DEXPERIENCE platform improves business decision-making for product management, marketing and sales with a powerful content analysis and market intelligence solution in the cloud. Aggregate content from across the social web and compare alongside enterprise data. Analyze business metrics in your social context, and automate alerts and actions.

Explore social intelligence to make better decisions across the full product development cycle. The NETVIBES Social Business Explorer role on the 3DEXPERIENCE platform delivers business intelligence from ideation to market. Leveraging social intelligence from tweets, articles, video images and other sources of market information posted across the web, Social Business Explorer users can create new products to better meet customer demands and enhance existing offerings.

Key capabilities of Social Business Explorer:

  • Gain new insights and make more informed product decisions.
  • Identify threats and opportunities by accessing market data in real time.
  • View aggregated and automatically categorized data within an all-in-one dashboard view.
  • Understand business decisions in their social context.
  • Monitor content relevant to your industry and see how social media impacts your business.
  • Take a deep dive into analytics charts to better understand market trends, review customer feedback, and identify important keywords and themes.
  • Add your opinion to content on the dashboard and share it with team members.

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