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Digital twin: Manufacturing case studies, smart factories and predictive maintenance

Digital twin technology enables enterprises to better operate and maintain real-world assets.…
Avatar Kim Terca

Digital twin technology enables enterprises to better operate and maintain real-world assets. For example, companies can remotely monitor offshore installations or factories around the globe, while more accurately predicting maintenance needs, thereby decreasing downtime and improving performance and profitability.

Dassault Systèmes’ vision for digital twin, 3DEXPERIENCE twin goes beyond just monitoring assets. By aggregating all relevant data, from across different systems and locations, the 3DEXPERIENCE platform with EXALEAD empowers enterprises to see the global view and ask unlimited “what if” questions. The virtual asset is enhanced with additional information, not only mirroring the behavior of the real-world asset, but also enabling virtual experimentation with complex scenarios to predict future performance.

3DEXPERIENCE twin is able to interpret assets’ behaviors and potential deviations because it knows why and how the system has been designed and maintained. The solution enables root cause analysis, whether the deviations are common or never before seen. Beyond decision support, with “what if” scenarios and native collaboration and traceability capabilities, the 3DEXPERIENCE twin is also the place where decisions are made and executed.

In its November 2019 Journal of Innovation focused on digital twin technology, the Industrial Internet Consortium (IIC) examines many aspects of the digital twin, from its uses to implementation challenges. Read the IIC Journal to learn more about these digital twin topics:

  • A Short Introduction to Digital Twins
  • Digital Twin + Industrial Internet for Smart Manufacturing: A Case Study in the Steel Industry
  • Digital Twin Development for Serial Manipulators: Data Driven Optimized Planning and Sequencing of Tasks
  • Creating Cities of the Future with Digital Twin Technology
  • Artificial and Human Intelligence with Digital Twins
  • Digital Twin Architecture and Standards
  • Shades of Digital Twinning
  • Digital Twins in Industrial Applications – Requirements to a Comprehensive Data Model
  • Cybersecurity Considerations for Digital Twin Implementations
  • Outcomes, Insights and Best Practices from IIC Testbeds: Smart Factory Machine Learning for Predictive Maintenance Testbed

To learn more about digital twin and 3DEXPERIENCE twin technology, read EXALEAD’s 12-part blog series

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